Off Balance with my Weight Shifting Too Far Back, What do I do?

by Keith Lorino
(Belleville, IL USA)

I feel off balance with rotating my hips and feel off balance during stride. I feel my weight is on my rear leg.

Swing Smarter Response:
Keith, most of the time we feel off balance is because we're swinging too hard and "trying" to hit the ball harder than we need to.

The best thing to combat this is take some heat off your stroke and swing with an 85% swing tempo, so in other words, 85% of the hardest swing you can take.

This limited tempo has unlimited potential. It's one of the few simple laws of the bio-mechanical universe.

The Samurai always say to NOT run to fast, in case you might trip. Lance Armstrong only peddles with 85-90 revolutions per minute, whether he's going uphill, flat, or downhill (he only adjusts gears). Kenyan long distance runners run with the same 85-90 revolutions per minute with their leg swing.

The swing isn't any different. Ever watch batting practice before a Major League game? How smooth and fluid do guys like Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, Hamilton, or A Rod look swinging the bat? Very.

A really good test for finding your key swing tempo is to swing from your weaker side as hard as you can under complete control. For strictly a right hander, try taking some cuts from your left side. If you're a switch hitter, well, you're SOL with this drill :P

In the right handed scenario, try and make your weaker side tempo match your right.

I saw this first hand one of my good friends, Thomari, was instructing a High School Sophomore about switch hitting, which this kid had never tried before. After watching his dominant side swing, he was definitely over-swinging and off balance.

My friend then moved the kid over to hit on his weaker side, and what I saw was money. His hips, on the awkward side, were firing beautifully, so I suggested to the kid to transfer the same hip rotational tempo from his weak side to the over-swinging dominant side.

You know what happened?

All those balls he was pulling foul in the cage on a line, were finding their way up the middle, on a line.

Moral of the story Keith?

Slow down a tad ;) It will allow the proper technical points to line up at contact (belly button, back knee & toe), and you won't be fighting yourself with tense muscles.

The moment we tense the muscles, they react by slowing down movement, so by decreasing your tempo, you'll increase bat speed.

Hope this helps amigo, and let me know how it goes.

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