Not to Sure About Jack Clark's Gold Nugget

When you do these drills do you stand at the regular plate or the tee plate?

Swing Smarter Response:
Great question, and I see you're referring to this Swing Smarter article, Powerful Baseball Drill & Jack Clark's Gold Nugget.

When I did that article, I hadn't refined Jack Clark's thought process, so it took me till the beginning of the year to adjust the drill to "make sense" for most hitters...because Jack Clark, in the beginning of his career, was an extreme pull hitter, so that's why the tee is so far out front in the pics.

The modification...

What I did was bring the tee in front of the "real" plate to where the baseball is hovering a ball's length in front of the middle of the plate (if we're talking going up the middle). The ball away should be hovering, on the tee, over the outside corner of the plate...and the inside ball should be about 4-6 ball lengths in front of the inside corner...and not so drastic as seen in the pics.

So, to answer your question, line up your stance so that you're addressing the "real" plate...the positioning of the tee and baseball is to mimic hitting the ball out in front of the plate, so we can get more extension.

Most tees have the ball position hovering over the middle of the plate, but if we were to wait to hit a ball there when a pitcher is throwing, our batting averages would surely go down, and stay down for the count ;)

I'm working on getting more video of this phenomenon on the site in the coming weeks/months. Hope this helps and thanks for the awesome question!

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