Miguel Cabrera Video Analysis Shows How To 'Force' Your Body To Hit With Consistent Power...  

Miguel Cabrera Swing Analysis

Here's where Miguel Cabrera (Miggy) has ranked in OPS (On-Base + Slugging%) over the past five years:

  • 2013 (end of June): Second to Chris Davis
  • 2012: First (Triple Crown)
  • 2011: Second to Jose Bautista
  • 2010: Second to Josh Hamilton
  • 2009: Twelve

Do you see a common thread here?

He was described on the MLB Network as having a 'friction-free' swing. You don't see big donkeys (6'4", 240lbs) like him swinging smarter than smaller players, but he does.

Don't worry, smaller hitters can follow Miggy's secret formula for consistent power.  Here's the reality...

If we can understand and apply that a 'friction-free' swing is driven by the 'spine engine', then we'll surely grasp one of the pure principals of explosive rotational power.

In the video analysis below, we'll see whether:

  • Miggy is strictly rotational, has linear elements to his swing, or NEITHER (hint: the latter is the case),
  • His swing is driven by the traditional view of lower half transport & upper half passenger, OR something more potent, and
  • Cabrera uses all 'spine engine' elements to create a friction-free swing with ZERO cost to you.

Can you really 'force' your body to hit with consistent power? Unbelievably, yes you can.  I started working 'spine engine' principals with one of my High School hitters who had a stubborn nasty arm barring problem (for at least 3 years!!)...the result?

No more arm bar.  It was an instant fix.  Here's Charles's March 30th, 2013 swing analysis video:

It disappears because the brain doesn't have to delegate initial 'firing' movement with the hands and arms.  The hands and arms NEED the early momentum of the body and spine to work properly.  Most coaches want their hitters to load their hands back toward the catcher, and this further inflames arm barring swing dysfunction.

You see, the body's locomotion depends solely on the spine.  There are three spinal movements:

  1. Extension (or Lordosis)/Flexion - think of the first as standing up tall, and the second like doing a crunch.
  2. Side Bending - this would be standing tall, then bending sideways - at the waist - with the upper body.  And,
  3. Axial Rotation - twisting movement.

Professor Serge Gravovetsky (Physicist, Electrical Engineer, and best known for his work on Spine Engine Theory), says if two of the above are present, then most always the third is the end result. 

Just like Miguel Cabrera, you too can develop a spine driven friction-free swing.    

What you're going to learn are the true PRINCIPALS to explosive rotational power, and how ALL rotational athletes have to abide by them...if they want to be successful.

Here's a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"As to the methods there may be a million and then some, but principals are few.  The man who grasps principals can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principals, is sure to have trouble."

Think of methods (drills) as almost everything you find on YouTube about hitting.  Principals are universal laws that govern ALL human movement.

WATCH THIS VIDEO as I put Miguel Cabrera's Swing to the Test...

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