Mickey Mantle Lesson Learned:   I Use This Literally Every Day With My Hitters (you should too)

Mickey Mantle Swing Analysis

What if I were to tell you Mickey Mantle followed two VITAL principals to explosive rotational power, and how you can too, easily.  These principals are TOTALLY Movement Science based, so you don't have to 'hope' anymore.  The movement laws that govern ALL rotational athletes are the same (sure, they may look slightly different), but are definitely tried and true.

Does it really frustrate you (deep down) to blindly follow hitting drills - or what I like to call 'methods' - on YouTube?  You HOPE these promised power drills will work, but you're never entirely sure.  Even if a big-name player or coach is promoting them...

In the video analysis below, we'll be looking at:

  • Whether 'The Mick' does a good job of "un-weighting" the bat,
  • If he employs human movement Science and the Catapult Loading System (similar to a jumping kangaroo), and
  • Compare his explosive rotational power movement to a WR holding Olympic Javelin Thrower.

You see, The Mick was 5'11", 195lbs, according to BaseballReference.com, and swung a 34.5 inch woody that weighed 32 ounces (the M110 Louisville model).  

By today's physique standards, Mantle would compare mostly with small power hitters such as Robinson Cano, Ryan Braun, Jose Bautista, and Andrew McCutchen. 

What's crazy is, at 5'11", 195lbs, he holds the longest official recorded home-run in history!  Claims waiver from 650 feet to 730 feet.  Heck, even topping 600 feet is an absolute shot!  Compared to today's big donkey hitters like Pujols, Miggy Cabrera, and Prince Fielder, this is amazing considered Mickey's size.

What's more...

Mantle used a lighter bat by history's standards (32oz versus Ruth's (52oz) & Gehrig's (42oz)).  Looking at Mickey's smaller stature, relatively light woody, and how far he hit the ball, made it even more vital that he stuck to the principals of explosive rotational power.

I literally use these literally everyday to teach my 7-11 year old hitters.

What you're going to learn are the true PRINCIPALS to explosive rotational power, and how ALL rotational athletes have to abide by them...if they want to be successful.

Here's a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"As to the methods there may be a million and then some, but principals are few.  The man who grasps principals can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principals, is sure to have trouble."

Think of methods (drills) as almost everything you find on YouTube about hitting.  Principals are universal laws that govern ALL human movement.

WATCH Me Put Mickey Mantle's Swing To The Test In This VIDEO...

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