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  1. How to Grow a Super Athlete - this article was sent to me by one of my hitting lesson parents who received it from a Judo instructor...sheds insight into the inner workings of the brain and muscle memory for the laymen to understand,
  2. Swing Smarter Nutritional Plan - we wrote this based off a couple really good resources contributing to 85% of sound performance nutritional advice...more to come on this during the summer of 2010, so stay tuned to the SwingSmarter.com RSS feed.
  3. Scouting: What YOU Need to Know & How to Market YOUR Kid When Coaches Don’t - this was a forwarded email received from a good friend of mine who manages a Competitive Travel/Marketing/Tutoring/Player Development baseball training program called Team Avenue. Thomari played 8 years in the Dodgers organization...he received this email from a parent who used these simple strategies to much success with self-marketing her son.
  4. Heads Up Baseball Control, Plan, Trust Mental Side of Hitting Worksheet - this worksheet allows anyone to de-construct who they are as a hitter, develop a powerful Zen Hitting Routine, learn the use of "Releases" to stay under control, and how to evaluate quality at-bats.  The bottom line?  This worksheet will help ANYONE get more consistent at the plate!
  5. Preventing Injury, Post
    Injury Treatment, & Becoming a Last Action Hero
    Preventing Injury, Post Injury Treatment, & Becoming a Last Action Hero - I originally published this information in a past The Dugout eZine 2-Part Issue, then packaged the info for my Naked Running 101 clients (pain free running, and no I don't teach running naked), so the content rings loud and clear to young athletes as well.  It's a wealth of 411 that's super vital to extremely competitive athletes.
  6. The Dugout: Hitting Baseballs from the Neck Up! - First 12 Issues Mental Hitting Power Report - at SwingSmarter.com we publish a popular online monthly magazine called The Dugout, where we share simple cerebral strategies to help any hitter at any age. This info. not only has helped players but parents and coaches as well. This is a culmination of the first year's worth of issues into one power packed report.

Here are your Bonus Bonuses...

VIDEO #1: Baseball hitting has gone into a tough performance recession thanks to the bane of swing imbalance promoters: the aluminum bat. Find out what you can do to turn it around...

VIDEO #2: I supply information you can use right now to fix most any swing issue...revealing the Golden Egg Swing Checklist: how I'm able to fix swing issues without even seeing the swing...

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  1. TOP 5 Baseball Videos for Hitting Consistently
  2. Swing Smarter Hitting Baseball Plan to Simplicity at the Plate
  3. Improve Hitting With A Solid 2-Strike Approach: A Definitive Guide

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  • The ;Swing Smarter Hitting Baseball Plan to Simplicity at the Plate secret PASSWORD is: bulldog
  • The Improve Hitting With A Solid 2-Strike Approach: A Definitive Guide" secret PASSWORD is: bred

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