Lower Half Rotation Woes

by John Blevens
(Cicero, Indiana)

My hands are working fine and my upper half is sound. My problem though is my lower half. The best way I can describe it is when I finish, I'm finishing my lower half like a golf swing. My back leg is dragging through instead of exploding my hips. Any tips or advice to help solve this problem?

Swing Smarter Actions:

Hi John, what happens when our finish moves forward, similar to a Charlie Lau style of hitting, is our eyes shift forward also, resulting in the ball appearing faster than it is...it's a matter of hitting a bb OR a beach ball. To correct this I have two really good drills, the Balance and Reach Drill:

Get on an elevated surface, and really try to feel the weight shift to the back leg...and drill number two is the Bat Behind the Back Drill:

You want to train the lower half to stay behind a stiff front leg, so my advice while engaging these two drills is to almost distribute your weight 80% on the back leg and 20% on the front leg at first, really exaggerate it. Then move to the ideal 70/30 (load) and 60/40 (swing) weight distribution throughout the swing. Keeping your weight back will keep your eyes from moving forward, and the ball will actually seem to slow down.

You may also want to lighten up on the golf game during baseball season John;-)

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