Low of Cash, Which One Would Be More Beneficial the Prohammer or the Mp30?

by Alex
(Norfolk, Virginia, USA)



Jeff Kent in the Slot Position
Ryan Howard in the Impact Position - Palm up/Palm Down

I only have enough money to buy one of these training aids, and i would like to know which training aid would be more beneficial.

Swing Smarter Response:
Short answer???

I love both, but they serve different functions, and it depends on what you need more of in your swing??

Here's the long answer...

The features of using the MP30:

  • Increased likelihood of getting into a tighter Slot position (Jeff Kent pic above),

  • Mac Truck like Impact Position,

  • Can hit live with it (Maple wood),

  • Promotes thick grip training, which incorporates more stress on the critical core muscles in the swing,
  • and
  • Creates better swing-with-the-hips mentality.

How does the MP30 do this?

MP30, or More Power, 30 inch bat, increases the strength of the swing because of it's heavy, but balanced, weight = 40 ounces. A normal High School bat will come in at 30-31 ounces (-3). The MP28 youth training bat is 28 inches and 38 ounces.

What about the features of using the ProHammer?

  • Flat "sword-like" barrel,

  • Real feel of your game bat,

  • Can hit live with it,

  • Instant feedback for rolling over the ball, and

  • Encourages palm up with the top hand and palm down with the bottom hand at Impact (Ryan Howard pic above)

Because of the unique design of the ProHammer Training Bat, it acts like an Ax while chopping wood...if one doesn't square up the blade, then one would be in pain or would never be able to quit their day job.

The ProHammer 50% cures rolling over, the other 50% is letting the ball get DEEP enough in the zone.

So Alex, you have to make the decision on which baseball hitting aid would help your swing the most, and when you save up a little more, then get the other :)

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