Love the Site!

by Chris Walpole
(Mahopac, NY USA)

I absolutely love your website and approach to hitting. I love working from the ground up and mastering the absolutes of hitting with one's legs and core. I also love the articles on the mental side of hitting and how these ideas are conveyed. ( not always an easy job). You don't want kids looking at you with that "What is this guy talking about?" look that tells you that their interest is already lost. The terms are understandable. As a hitting instructor and player, I am always in search of that perfect swing, a way to do it better and the best instructional approach. I like your Most Important Drills because they train what I (and Lau) would call absolutes of hitting. These train the hitter to master the essentials to be a successful hitter without all the jargon, terminology, white noise, as you put it. Very important stuff.

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