Looking for Weighted Baseballs? TCB or PWR?

by Greg




Do you recommend and if so are they any specific drills you would suggest to use with them outside of tee and soft toss?

Off-Center Impact with TCB Balls:

Straight-On Impact with TCB Balls:

Swing Smarter Response:
Thanks Greg for the find...

I've never seen the TCB Balls before, however I have heard of PWR Baseballs, which stands for Power, Weight, and Response. These look more like baseballs than the TCB Balls.

AND, Chas Pippitt of BaseballHittingRebellion.com LOVES to use these in his teaching drills. The main benefit of hitting a weighted ball is it provides great feedback for the hitter to get the barrel through impact.

Prices vary...

For the TCB Baseballs:

  • Half-dozen = $59.99 plus shipping,

  • Dozen = $99 plus shipping, and

  • 2 Dozen = $189.99 plus shipping

Also, with the TCB Balls you can choose a weighted whiffle style ball, which are slightly cheaper. Total Control Sports also says their balls are to never break...ever.

Another important note: these are NOT to be used in pitching machines.

As for the PWR Baseballs:

  • Sold by the Dozen ONLY = $89 (not sure if that includes shipping or not)

The PWR Baseballs can be used in a pitching machine.

Quoted from the PWR Baseballs website, these benefits are a common thread between both brands:

  • Increased power is the most obvious benefit of working out with the PWR Baseball.

  • Players will drive the ball to the opposite field.

  • Players will have better balance during their entire swing.

  • The PWR Baseball forces players to keep their front shoulder in. They will not be able to pull off the ball.

  • Excellent teaching aid for coaches. This is because the PWR Baseball exploits any holes in a players swing. There may be a subtle problem in a players swing, the PWR Baseball will exaggerate the condition making it easier for a coach to help correct it.

  • Increases concentration.

To answer your question Greg about any other drills besides hitting these off the tee and soft toss, and besides using the PWR Baseballs in a pitching machine...I'm not sure what else you need ;)

With all my kids, I start them on dry swings and technique stuff using the Drive Developer...then move to the tee...then to soft toss...and if they can earn LIVE front toss with quality technique, then we do that.

I hope this helps amigo!

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Nov 12, 2012
Ball Breaks
by: Anonymous

I am disappointed as the filling fell out of every ball after just 3 months. Concept good quality bad !

Any other products similar.

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