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I am playing competitive baseball again after years of being out and I have developed a large stride and dropping my hands (Almost like a softball swing).

I know this stride and "hitch" is causing my eyes to move and causing issues for me to catch up to fastballs. I have done a lot of research and I was wondering if you had any drills I can do on my own to help fix this.

I have read that high tee drills may assist. I am going to perform some self fungo work. I have also heard that a "hitch" can be healthy in some ways, but when I load my hands they start above my rear shoulder and then drop to about mid-chest, which doesn't look healthy.

I have thought about starting with the bat on my shoulder and tipping the bat so if I drop my hands it will hit my rear shoulder. I have tried to mentally fix this at the plate, but after months I am still doing it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the great site.

Swing Smarter Response:
Thanks so much for the kudos, and boy, you've been thinking about a lot lately about your swing, and I can feel, through your words, how frustrated and confused you are. Remember, hitting is a journey and NOT a destination.

I have a video for you addressing the lunging issue...

Major points in the video:

  • Use the load technique to produce power, NOT lunging to provide pop,

  • Make sure when your stride foot lands your body is in a 50/50 weight distribution, and

  • From what you're telling me, hitching the hands is NOT a bad thing in YOUR case, you may just have to start your swing a bit sooner.

The only other major issue could be your eyes are moving too much, and I urge you to invest in a Flip Video Camera plus tripod and PowerChalk Sports Motion Video Analysis Software (FREE to join) to film your swing and be able to dissect it. Video is one of the best tools for fixing swing mechanics today.

The Self Fungo Drill is great, and I wouldn't worry about the high tee drill. What do pitching coaches across the nation and at every level tell their pitchers to do? Keep the ball down, and get ahead in the count. So, working the high tee will be counterintuitive as to how pitchers are looking to work you. If anything, do the low tee drill.

Not seeing your swing on video, I think your problem is you're NOT getting a load into the back inside groin (as discussed in the video). This movement happens along with your small hitch.

Let me know how it goes brother, and if any other Swing Smarter-ians want to chime in, we're all ears :)

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