Just Watch Bonds' top hand...

by adam
(louisburg, nc)


Did you ever see the MLB video hosted by Jenny Finch? It has Bonds in the the end trying to hit off Jenny Finch pitching to him (fast pitch). He talks about that basically his top hand is what dominates his swing. He was talking trash to Jenny saying she couldn't strike him out at the All Star game. So they later set up a meeting to see if she could. Well she really didnt have much success and neither did he.

The swing plane was what intrigued me the most. He showed and stated that he had a downward swing plane. Its funny because everybody that describes his swing says he is swinging up at the ball. Thats why alot of these intructors drive me crazy because they don't always see really whats going on.

I'm always learning different ways to hit and always will. I just wish these insructors wouldn't be so set in their ways. Thats why I like your website because I've seen where you have changed some of your philosophies in the past. Thats admirable. well I just though I would share that with you. Thanks adam

Swing Smarter Response:
Dude, Adam, you couldn't be more right on! I agree wholeheartedly with you on top hand dominance, and yes, as an instructor we should always be striving to hone our instruction. The key is to be able to dumb it down, so a 5-year-old can pick it up.

That video would've been cool to see, Bonds hitting off Jenny. I found the video on mlb.com, but it had an error message and wouldn't play (scroll down to the bottom, their segment is second to last on the page: Bonds v. Finch).

We did something similar in High School challenging one of our female pitchers who threw something like 15 perfect games in one season, or some dominating nonsense.

I love the comment Adam, thanks!

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