Issues with The Personal Pitcher Craftsmanship?

by jerry boyle
(yonkers ny westchester co)

personal pitcher to flimsy it is a good idea but the owner doesnt want to back his warranty instead he tries to tell you how to fix the machine over the phone and unless you a electronics expert you will break the machine like I did and I guess he is hoping you will buy another machine from him. like I did and when something goes wrong with the second machine I now just scotch tape the thing up.I would like to find another company who makes a better more reliable whiffle ball pitching machine one that will not break as easy and throws more strikes a machine with a timing device like the pesonal pitcher has. Even if its a little more expensive a company that will honor their warrranty so I wouldnt have to deal with the owner bob richards again

Swing Smarter Response:
Hi Jerry, sorry about your woes in dealing with The Personal Pitcher. Did you get the cheaper Personal Pitcher or Personal Pitcher Pro? What exactly went wrong with the machine? Was it the craftsmanship?

I'm very interested because this is one of my favorite hitting aids and one that made The Starting Lineup Store. Anyone else with similar experiences?

Jerry, you may want to try the Sandlot Slugger as an alternative, it is more expensive, but I'm wondering how it compares functionally to The Personal Pitcher Pro.

Thanks so much for your submission!

UPDATE!! We've issued a successful challenge against the Personal Pitcher Pro and have replaced it at the lead-off position in The Starting Lineup with the Sandlot Slugger.

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Apr 15, 2012
looking for more quality
by: Jerry

I have to say the timing light of the personal pither is so important .
Because I belive a proper load and shift to balance is so important .without it I dont belive a batter can be a good hitter. So if the sand lot slugger has a timing light and I hear its not as flimsy I would try that . By the way I owned the pro model.

Dec 19, 2010
Thanks for the feedback
by: Joey from

Thanks so much Chris for the added comments, please let me know what you think about the Jugs Small Ball Machine. This is the feedback I'm looking for on these products for The Starting Lineup Store.

If another similar hitting aid can get the same/better results with less hassle, then we'll replace that particular gadget with its preprocessor in the Lineup.

Chris, have you any experience with the Sandlot Slugger, almost identical to the Personal Pitcher but has a few upgrades, and is a little pricier?

Dec 19, 2010
personal pitcher
by: chrisvegas

As the owner of 2 personal pitchers, I too have had some problems. Yes, the owner does try to help you to fix it yourself over the phone which has helped in one instance. The other time, I shipped the unit to him and it came back in working order. It just is not reliable in the long run.

The pros:
Price is good, has come down considerably in the last year.

Can take lots of swings in a short time

The cons:
The battery never has lasted more than an hour. If I charge the battery all night, I can get about a half hour out of it, so we mostly use it plugged in.

Not all pitches are strikes, probably 2/3 are strikes. Not a bad thing, son takes alot of pitches.

Jams all the time. If its loaded with more than 50 balls, it will jam at some point.

Personally, I have switched to the jugs small ball machine which will be opened on Xmas. will let swingsmarter know how its going.

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