Is there a difference between the MP30 and the Bratt Weighted Training Bat?

by Rick DeLambo
(Cleveland, OH)

Bratt Weighted Training Bat

Bratt Weighted Training Bat

Is there a difference between the MP30 from swing mechanic and the Bratt Weighted Training Bat?

Swing Smarter Response:
Thanks Rick for your question, and there is a difference between the two. The Bratt Bat, which you see almost every Major Leaguer warming up with on the on-deck circle, is nothing more than a warm up tool, and the Jaime Cevallos Swing Mechanic MP30 is a bat speed increaser...let me tell you why.

The Bratt Bat seems to be only a warm up bat because of the wide array of heavy weights the company manufactures: 35oz, 50oz, 55oz, 60oz, and 80oz, OR 2.2 lbs, 3.1 lbs, 3.4 lbs, 3.75 lbs, and 5 lbs respectively.

A lot of the marketing suggests it increases bat speed, but studies show overload weight training (with loads like the Bratt bat supplies) with more than a 30 inch bat actually decreases bat speed and increases muscle fatigue when used too much. Check out an article we did on Common Baseball Hitting Aids NOT Making the Bat Speed Cut.

The Swing Mechanic MP30/MP28 is different because the MP30 is 30 inches in length and weighs only 40 oz, or 2.5 lbs, AND the kids model MP28 is 28 inches and weighs only 36 ounces, or 2.25 lbs.

It's slightly shorter than a regulation bat, which is closer to our center of gravity (COG), so we have more control over it. The longer something gets away from our COG, the harder it is to control from a good mechanical muscle memory swing point of view, especially if it gets heavier like "Da Bratt" does!

Adding anymore weight and length to the MP30/MP28 would make it destructive to bat speed, and put it into the warm-up bat category.

Also, with the MP30/28, it's all wood and you can hit with it like a normal bat. How the MP30/MP28 benefits your swing with the added 7-12 ounces is it activates your core and hips in the swing, whereas most young hitters try to swing with all arms and shoulders.

The bottom line?

Am I telling you to purchase one over the other? NO, both are great hitting tools, but serve different purposes. I like the MP30/28 and chose it for The Starting Lineup because it can increase bat speed..."Da Bratt" will not.

I hope this helps Rick :)

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