Is the Somax Power Hip Trainer as Good for Baseball as it is for Golf??

Somax Power Hip Trainer for Golfers

Somax Power Hip Trainer for Golfers

Came across this golf training equipment to speed up the hip turn beyond the 1 mile per hour to 2.4. Sounded good to me and thought maybe would be good for the baseball swing since we hit with mainly the hips (the engine).

Would this be a viable device for baseball?

Swing Smarter Response:
Wow, what a great piece of equipment for golfers! The video above is about 10 mins, but is worth the watch. There's lots of great juicy content in it about physics and the biomechanics of how the body creates torque and leverage in the transverse plane (twisting) during a golf swing.

Might reveal some tangent gold nuggets for the baseball swing ;)

Just like chimpanzee's DNA is 98% like humans, so is like the golf swing to baseball. We use all the similar muscles, except for the one glaring difference...stationary versus moving ball.

If you go to the Somax Website and read the testimonials, holy-geez, one guy went from a 99 mph swing speed to 127 mph!

After watching the demo video you can see why increasing the speed of our hips rotating, boosts the angular velocity of our club head.

You see, the secret to boosting bat speed underneath Vision and Confidence, is how fast and efficient we can thrust our hips around a neutral spine.

I wouldn't call this one of The Starting Lineup hitting aids just yet because it is made for Golf's almost stationary positioning...I'm not sure if it allows us to get into a tilted spinal position (slightly towards the catcher), or allows the back knee and foot to drag forward at contact. Like in Chas Pippitt's analysis of Robinson Cano's swing:

Unlike golf, we're hitting a ball coming at us on a line, so our approach has to be different.

Also, we're not like a "boxer" hitting a (for the most part) stationary other words, the opponent's face isn't moving at us 90+ mph, so our body at impact must not be straight up and down.

If it were, we'd have to change our reverse punch approach because then our opponent would be supplying the power...for example, this is what the Martial Art Aikido is all about...using your opponent's power of direction against them. And, Kenpo is just the opposite, block an incoming punch with your forearm...this can result in major damage to both fighters.

Analyzing the Elite Holy Grail of Swings on video, you see slight spinal tilt towards the catcher, dipping of the back shoulder, and hip thrust, where the back knee and toe tend to drag slightly forward BEHIND a stiff front leg.

I'm not so sure we can practice this on the Somax, but definitely a great idea to train for golf. Thanks for the submission amigo :)

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Jan 04, 2016
Engine Focus
by: Anonymous

I love the concept. Actually, I love any product that focuses training on the "Engine" portion (Hip rotation) of a baseball or softball swing. I'm finding the comments surrounding "hitting a stationary object" a bit concerning. How many major league hitters testify openly that their primary batting aid is a simple batting tee. Isn't the ball setting stationary on the tee. Don't we begin all young swings by hitting a stationary object off of a tee. Pretty sure we call it tee ball. With my love for the aid out of the way now, I do see some issues with its current design and how it could conflict with a baseball or softball swing if used improperly. First the obvious...don't swing at baseballs or softballs on the ground. If you are swinging at balls that low in baseball or softball you wont meet with a lot of success. Next is the load position. Yes, high caliber golfers have swing speeds over 100 MPH with a relatively stationary load, but they are also swinging clubs that are longer and more flexible tan any bat on the market. In order to generate that kind of bat speed with a modern bat the average player is going to have to move their centerline (Belly button) back towards the catcher slightly as they load their back drive leg. Lastly, I believe the product should demonstrate that a hitter can utilize the device while hitting pitched balls. Not sure if that is feasible or not.

May 20, 2013
works the hips
by: Guy

My first impression was yes it works the hips. Than read your comments on how you cant angpe back ,foot drag etc..
But than thought on thi more. Why should that matter?

Its not going to change your swing. I dont think you need it to be any different. If you can strengthen and increase poer of hips, shouldnt this be a tremendous benefit?

Feb 22, 2013
Somax trainer
by: Anonymous

But would it work for pitchers ? I mean would it actually increase pitch velocity

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