Is the Click & Swing Good for Getting the Hands to Load in the Right Position?

by Z

What are your thoughts on the Click & Swing Glove? Response:
There is a video available on these to see how they work, but unfortunately it was never uploaded to YouTube, so I can't embed it here. You can go to the homepage to view it.

Nice submission Z from Cali. I do like the Click and Swing concept. It's a feedback giving batting glove for a hitter's correct hand position at the load, and apparently at contact (not sure what that means, does it gauge palm up, palm down?). On the load, it looks like it clicks when the hands "pivot" and NOT when they move "back," like most poor hitters do.

I answered a Swing Tune-Up question on this very concept, pre-launch torque/hands pivoting to load, so CLICK HERE to view it.

Back to the Click and Swing batting gloves...

The price is reasonable too at $24.99, and you'd only need one at a time. I'm not sure on the quality of leather or how many swings it'll take to rip it, but at that price, looks like anyone can take a gamble to try it out.

Also note, these are probably only good to use at higher level practices, in addition to practice/games at the instructional Little League levels...the clicking sound will probably get down-right annoying after awhile.

On the down side,

This isn't a hitting aid that's going to save the world. It's specifically designed for conditioning the muscles to feel a pivot hand load (the jury is still out if it helps with Impact).

I have a Junior in High School right now who we've worked on a stellar hand pivot load, but after his pre-launch torque, his Slot Position breaks down and his hands drop. We're doing some major reps with The Drive Developer right now and using Reactive Neuromuscular Training (RNT).

The preceding RNT link is written by the man, the myth, the legend Gray Cook at the Perform Better Fitness summit. For a better understanding of it, please read and re-read. It's very interesting new stuff I'm using with my hitters as well as my fitness clients to correct asymmetrical movements or "die hard" bad habits.

Back to the Click and Swing...

The point is, this fixes a small part of the whole, and isn't a functional swing remedy. In the video on the Click and Swing homepage, there still are kids swinging with the hands way out in front (leading with the knob), Derek Jeter style, which as most of you know, I do NOT like anymore.

Click And Swing also doesn't have enough testimonials and true stats of kids increasing their batting average (like it states on their site) or power numbers, in other words, real-live case studies.

The fact is testimonials sell product...

Of the 8 testimonials contained in their "Gallery" section, two pictured female softball players don't have an opinion, two look like they're soccer players, and another I'm not sure what he is (the last picture). Sure I get the Click And Swing company is trying to make wearing the glove look fun, but the Swing Smarter community want results with their swings and this is a hitting aid review...will it help your swing, and with those testimonials, I would doubt it.

But like I said, at $24.99, one can afford to take a gamble. Hope this helps Z!

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