Is the Baseball Training Aid Subliminal CD Hokey Pokey??

by jose

Does listening to this cd that just plays oceans really improve your baseball skills?

Swing Smarter Response:
Jose!!! Holy cow, I thought you were kidding, and then I found the site online selling this CD/MP3. Here's how it supposedly works (according to their website:

"It is designed to target your unconscious mind and reprogram you with the mental qualities of the professional level baseball players. Here is how it works:

  • Subliminally train your mind to improve your baseball throwing techniques, baseball pitching techniques, and general baseball skills by targeting your unconscious mind for baseball success.

  • Align your unconscious mind with the goal of being a star baseball player, remove the mental barriers to success, and increase your drive to achieve your dream!

  • Reprogram your mind to stay balanced, avoid "cold streaks" and keep you "in the zone" consistently to give your peak performance at all times.

Scripts used in the recordings:
Script Used in This Subliminal Recording

  • I am a top baseball player

  • I will play major league baseball

  • I have a lot of natural baseball skill

  • I have a high level of baseball potential

  • I will play baseball to a high level

  • My swing is improving all the time

  • My swing technique is very accurate

  • My throwing aim is extremely accurate

  • I am always focused when playing baseball

  • I have a high level of concentration"

They even have a sample 60 second recording on the provided link above (mp3 format)! Now, I'm not totally closed minded to something like this because I do believe the sub-conscience mind is very powerful.

Although, here's what happened to me when I listened to the 60 second sample,

I sat in a chair at my computer, fingers interlaced in my lap, while listening to the ocean sounds I had this strong urge to...umm...pee! :D

All kidding aside, although it did make me have to go number 1, I want to hear from my Swing Smarter brethren, if you've ever tried and had success with something like this? The CD version is only $17.97, and the mp3 is $11.97, so you're not out that much??

I do believe in mental preparation, but have never done anything hypno-therapeutic. I would LOVE to hear from you guys...PLEASE comment below...

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Mar 28, 2011
by: Merridew


I have been searching for a long time on

and it is INCREDIBLE!!!!

I have heard from many guys that have told me that their attitude has changed a lot...


they compare Realsubliminal with Victoria Gallagher, who is the one of the best hypnotherapist...and also with Paul Mckenna...

so if you want to try Hypnotherapy...I recommend you Victoria Gallagher and Paul one else...just them...

but tell me...I am waiting for a girl to tell me her results on realsubliminal...

my hotmail is: (I removed Merridew's email so his account doesn't get SPAMMED), so Jose just reply to this thread and Merridew should get the message)

if you are interested on all this stuff...

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