Is an Axe Handle better than Pro hammer?

by Jimmy
(calfornia )

Axe Handle

Axe Handle

Axe Handle
Pro Hammer

Why waste 129 $ on the pro hammer when you can get better results and a harder workout swinging a axe handle. Thats what ted williams did. Plus its harder with an axe handle, just look how much room there is for error, barely none, you must hit it square. It does all the pro hammer does but even better.

It might not feel like a game bat, but the pro hammer with the barrel might not feel like a game bat as well. Think about it, it might not feel like your bat, but it doesnt have to, think of it like a's so it can train your wrist too make contact? C'mon it worked for ted whose the best hitter in history of baseball, lets go old school.

What's your thought?

Swing Smarter Response
Jimmy, I'm right there with you amigo. Swinging an ax during the off season is how most of the old schoolers, you were referring to, strengthened their mechanics, and bodies, without knowing it.

Like you said, with an ax, you either hit the tree or log square or you didn't, giving the swinger instant feedback.

I see your point, and one I try to apply when a NEW and improved hitting tool comes along promising the world...trying to mimic the ProHammer without spending the money.

Unfortunately, it's just not safe to be swinging an ax at practice around your teammates. Some people have access to a ton of wood and trees they can bury the blade into, but most don't.

(Note: Another one of our readers did this same thing but with a blunted Samurai sword. He had his kids destroying his wife's home candles with it, which had the same ax to wood positive effect on swing technique)

This is why the ProHammer is a more functional baseball hitting tool than an ax would be at practice. The ProHammer handle is just like a game bat, and the feedback you get by not hitting the ball square is pretty much the same as an ax. When you don't hit it square, it feels like you're hitting with a wet newspaper, and when you do, it feels just like getting it right on the numbers.

The one big difference between wielding an ax and hacking with the ProHammer is most people would look at you odd if you went up to hit BP with the ax, plus it may be a little top heavy. You can take the ProHammer (NOTE: may be on back order, so link may not work sorry) right into the cage and hit live BP with it, and the weight distribution is more hitter friendly.

Although, the ProHammer would do a pretty lame job at chopping wood ;)

Jimmy, I'm like you, I love to find a cheaper alternative, and I'm usually pretty good at it. But, when I saw the ProHammer I thought, "why didn't I think of that?!"

I hope this helped amigo.

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Mar 23, 2011
by: ProHammer

Hey Jimmy...great question.

It sounds like you haven't tried either, so why not try both?

In the old days, axe handles were used in pepper-style drills for demonstrating correct hand and wrist position. They weren't used for full-swing drills because the base of the handle is too wide for comfort and there is insufficient mass at the head for proper energy transfer!

The mass of the ProHammer barrel is closely matched to the barrel mass of a pro-style wood bat. This positions that mass right where it needs to be: behind the baseball.

That positioning, along with its length, gives the ProHammer the balance and sweetspot location that closely resembles the swing-feel of a typical wood game bat.

Also, and this is VERY important, the ProHammer has a hitting surface that, while narrow, still provides a realistic contact patch with the baseball. This allows the user to work the surface of the baseball in order to impart backspin...the hallmark of a great hitter. An axe handle simply isn't shaped or weighted to do this.

The handle of the ProHammer is standard 1" round with a knob just like a game bat...comfortable for extended training.

Ted Williams was not just the best hitter...he was also one of the smartest to ever play the game. He would have appreciated the science behind the ProHammer design.

So go old school and use an axe handle for pepper-drills! When you're ready to take your tee and flip work to the next level...hitting line drives with backspin...nothing beats the ProHammer.

Mar 23, 2011
Ax handle or Broom Stick?
by: Joey from Swing

I thought that too Robert, but wasn't sure the ax handle would hold up hitting baseballs?? If it's just something to swing, then a broom handle may be better?? A broom handle would let the hips initiate the swing and leave the upper body lag behind.

Mar 23, 2011
"Ax handle" or "Ax head"
by: Robert Canary

I believe Jimmy was referring to the ax "handle" and not the "ax head". Using the "ax handle" to hit the balls, versus using the "ax head" to chop trees.

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