Improve bat speed

Just wanted to know of any techniques to improve bat speed?

Swing Smarter Response:

Contrary to popular hitting aids trying to sell their product, there really aren't any that work based on 80/20 philosophy. Power and bat speed come from the midsection (lumbo-pelvic-hip region) and core musculature, so one of the best ways to increase bat speed is a proper core and balance workout regime. And yes, we have to put the hard work in, there are NO get hits quick fixes.

The whole month of September Swing Smarter is adding tips for the Albert Pujols inspired Increase Your Bat Speed in 30 Days Challenge, so check it out!

Also, it's very important to get your swing efficient mechanically in the 5 stance, load, launch, down, and through phases. Please check out this article on 8 Solid Hitting Stance Principals to Live & Breath By

The bottom line?

Bat speed is a combination of the most efficient hitting mechanics possible along with a balanced and flexible core. Core strength & stability, and Yoga are BIG wins when it comes to bat speed!

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