I Don't Know When to Start my Swing??

by Mike lolo
(Port Jefferson Station)

Pitcher Getting Ready to Break Hands

Pitcher Getting Ready to Break Hands

Pitcher Getting Ready to Break Hands
Pitcher Showing Chest

I swing just a second or 2 of the balls are coming at me about 60 mph, and i am using a 34" bat. When do i start my swing?

Swing Smarter Response:
Hey Mike, this is always a hard one because it all depends on every hitter's hip and hand load, stride length, etc. (I'll call this whole process the "loading mechanism").

I'm assuming you're a little late on the ball instead of early judging from your question. If this is the case, and you have a soft loading mechanism, kind of like an Albert Pujols or Justin Morneau, then you'd start your swing just about when the pitcher gets into the arm slot position (when you start to see the pitcher's chest).

If you have a loud loading mechanism, like a Josh Hamilton or Miguel Cabrera, then you need to load sooner, almost when the pitcher starts to break his hands.

The best thing to do is experiment in the batting cages either with a live arm or a machine that has a lever arm. Wheel pitching machines are bunk and should NEVER be used, unless it's a small ball whiffle machine like the Sandlot Slugger.

I hope this helps Mike! Anymore questions or findings please reply to the Comment link at the bottom of this article :)

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