I am late on everything when i am swinging

by Roger
(Tampa,Fl,United States )

Every time I come up to bat I always hit the ball pretty well but way foul to right field or I get jammed and hit a soft ground ball to the pitcher what are reasons why this would happen and how should I correct it.

Swing Smarter Actions:

The reason a hitter is late on the ball and/or is getting jammed is one of two reasons...1. the pitcher is throwing harder than average, 2. the swing is too long.

If the pitcher is throwing too hard we have to get the front foot down sooner and focus on relaxing more, taking a deep belly breath between pitches to bring the heart rate down.

The most likely scenario is the hitter's swing is too long. We want to be SHORT to the ball, and LONG through it. Work on taking the knob down to the incoming baseball keeping the barrel over the back shoulder until the hips clear, then drop the barrel into the hitting zone. The Two Tee Drill will help shorten our swings:

The object is to NOT hit the back baseball, if we do, then the swing is too long...also, set the back baseball slightly higher than the front one. Try NOT to let the upper body drift forward, which is the natural tendency in this drill, stay on the back leg.

Thanks for your question Roger!

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