Hyper-Clocking & Overloading with the Pro-cut hitting device?

by Adam
(Louisburg ,nc)



Check out the hitting device pro-cut and see what you think. I have tried many hitting devices and would love to share this with you.

Swing Smarter Response:
Hey Adam, another great find, and one I remember seeing all over the place when I was playing but never really used or researched.

The ProCut was developed using the overloading and hyper-clocking principals. Overloading, adding weight, the slow twitch swing muscles, so they get bigger. Hyper-Clocking is swinging a lighter bat faster to increase the fast twitch muscles fibers (plus an added boost to the neuromuscular system), and according to Tim Nolan, the developer of ProCut, a hitter needs to develop fast twitch fibers 60-70% more than slow twitch.

ProCut is sport specific ballistic training program using a series of counterweights, handle weights, and weighted balls with the idea of moving heavier mass closer to the hands in order to smooth out the weight distribution of the stick either to overload or hyper-clock the swing muscles.

This is contrary to putting a batting warm-up donut on the end of the bat causing the hitter to cast the hands out instead of keeping them closer to the center axis of rotation.

The ProCut clamps/screws onto the knob of the bat and comes in 3 different weights: 8, 12, and 16 ounces. They have a new ProCut Belt which loops around the handle just above the hands adding another 4 ounces, and depending on your skill and training level, can add however many you want.

They range in price from $40-50 shipped.

What's the final verdict?

The reason I like certain hitting aids over others is because the developer doesn't foo-foo the fact, in order to get better, a hitter has to take thousands upon thousands of perfect swings in their lifetime.

Tim Nolan, Mr. Procut, subscribes to the same maxim my old legendary Coach at Fresno State, Bob Bennett, does, "Practice doesn't make perfect...PERFECT practice makes perfect."

I like the ProCut a lot and Tim Nolan definitely knows what he's talking about, so I'd totally recommend these to increase swing strength and bat speed with a good Overloading and Hyper-Clocking Program.

Good job Adam!

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