How Useful is the Impact Bat for the Wrist Rolling Over?

Impact Bat

Impact Bat

Here is an interesting tool I found but was wondering if it was worth the hype. I like the instant feedback based on the trajectory of the hit ball. And the fact that the broad paddle catches air as you swing, it would offer a training element for building up body mass behind the ball at impact.

But is there another way of correcting the wrist roll?

Myself, I would love it if they would create an MP30 with a flat side to test the hitters ability to not roll early and force them to roll after follow through of the impact zone.

Hmmm, I maybe if I took one of my MP30 bats, and squared the barrel I could kill two birds with one stone.

Here is the website:

What's your thoughts?

robert canary

Swing Smarter Response:
Thanks Robert for submitting this hitting aid, it's the first time I've seen this, but not the first time I've thought about using something like this (i.e. a cricket bat) to cure the same rolling over issue with my kids.

It's hardly an original idea, we could chop a boat oar in half or use a cricket bat ($20-250)...the cost of an Impact Bat, $43.

However, I think you're on to something Robert, about mating the flat barrel features of the Impact Bat with Jaime Cevallos's MP30. I'll talk to him about it.

You're right, it would blend a heavier bat to insure we get our hips into the swing, while also maintaining palm up/down at contact.

Overall, the Impact Bat would be a good hitting investment. Is it an original idea? No. Could we mock it? Yeah. Like I mentioned before, depending on your environment, cutting a boat oar in half, we could use a tennis/racquetball racquet, and a cricket bat.

That's why I tell my kids playing racquetball is a great cross training sport because it does emphasize control with the racquet and palm up/down technique at impact.

Hope this helps Robert, and thanks again for the submission :)

P.S. To answer your question about how else to fix rolling over and create power through the contact zone...check out this review we did on Bat'll love it!

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