How to Spice Up Dry Swings?

by Keith
(Belleville, IL USA)

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Just wanted to say that I love your online magazine and the first article, just thought I share what I have been doing, I am combining some olympic and powerlifting exercises while doing the hip stretches you showed.

And have to admit bat speed is coming back. Kind of curious, doing dry swings is kind of getting boring when I am at home, is there any thing I can do to spice up my swing exercises. Also had interest in what inexpensive equipment I could use to do like overload/underload exercises. Thanks and have a great day.

Swing Smarter Response:
Glad to hear it Keith. Thanks for the kudos on the NEW Baseball Hitting Rebellion Blog and Swing Architect Newsletter, I think you guys will get a lot out of reading Chas's stuff on hitting technique.

Dry swings are good but, like you said, but can get REAL boring, REAL fast. Remember, dry swings are the most basic, then you must progress to hitting a ball off the tee...after that soft toss, then live front underhand toss, then live BP. This is how I teach my kids.

Master each step before moving to the next, and if your mechanics start to flounder at any one level, then regress until you get your technique solid again.

To spice up dry swings, you can start swinging with a broom stick without the bristles, like when kids used to actually play outside, in what was known as "stick ball." Because of how long the stick is, this will help your body swing using the hips and NOT the hands.


You can even use your regular wood bat and hit whiffle balls by doing the fungo drill (throwing up the ball up to yourself and hitting it).

Inexpensive overload/under-load equipment training aids? You can try using the OneBat by Sandlot Slugger ( under "training bats") or The ProCut training system ( These are decent training tools for strengthening swing muscles.

I hope this helps Keith :)

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Thanks for the kudos Keith!
by: Joey from

I appreciate the kind words amigo :)

by: Keith

Thanks and you do have an awesome web site.

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