How to Increase Range of Motion in the Hips for Hitting

by Keith
(Belleville, IL USA)

I am 40 years old and going to be playing in senior mens competitive baseball league, one question: is there a hitting exercise to loosen up the hips?

I use to be pure rotational hitter in high school and two years at community college just wanted to get back into the game since really like playing.

Was wondering your thoughts of recommended hitting drills since being out that long, and ways to loosen my hip flexor muscles while doing hitting drills.

Swing Smarter Response:
Well Keith, no hitting drills per se of loosening up the hips except trunk rotations by putting the bat behind the lower back and locking it in with the arms...but there's nothing like opening up the hips with good ol' fashion Yoga stretches:

  • Do one set for each stretch 3 times/week, and for those who are SUPER-tight, I recommend at least 5 days a week

  • Hold each position for at least 30 seconds (hold at least 60 seconds for those over 50 years of age)

  • Use a deep diaphragmatic breath: inhale through the nose expanding the belly, and exhale through the nose bringing the belly button in towards the spine (on inhales, do NOT let the chest heave or shoulders rise, in which case, we're using the wrong muscles to breath)

  • Do NOT stretch a hurt muscle (wait about a week or two)

  • Make sure to get a good 5 minute warm-up before stretching (jump rope, jumping jacks, slow body weight squats, slow lunge with torso twist across the front leg)

With only 5 mins a day of these stretches we should notice a healthy response in hip mobility and range of motion (ROM). This boost in ROM will contribute to more leverage and power through the baseball, which equals more distance, which equals happy parents, girlfriends/wives, coaches, and teammates.

My baseball and golfing clients have seen a tremendous return on investment with these three stretches on the distance their struck ball travels in less than 3 weeks.

Hope this helps Keith!

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