How to Hit with a NO Stride...

by Jake

I'm a senior in college that's had a few inquiries from scouts (mlb, indy, and european leagues), but nothing even close to be worth leaving school.

Presently, and for the past few seasons, I've been a "no stride" hitter, where I didn't even mess w/ a stride, tap, or even pick up and put down, I simply start w/ a little weight on my front side and during the wind up I'm rocked back into the hitting position. By the time the ball's in the window, I'm loaded and ready to go.

I figured that since a stride doesn't have much to do w/ power, and a lot of kids I've seen have a problem w/ getting the front foot down, or rush their swing because of an ill-timed stride, I might as well take the step right out of the swing.

Is there something I'm not seeing that I'm losing by using a no stride tactic? Do you have any input to my mindset?

Swing Smarter response:

I agree with you, the stride does NOT add any substantial power to a swing, unless you're swinging it like a Ruben Sierra or Gary Sheffield, and they strikeout quite a bit because of it. Only a select breed can get away with it, and definitely wouldn't be considered part of the 20% drills and skills contributing to 80% of success as a hitter.

All hitters have different timing mechanisms, yours is your weight shift, for me, I needed to move around a little more. The big thing you have to be aware of with NO stride is to make sure you're loading into your back hip, or else your power will suffer to the opposite field. Some guys use the stride (i.e. cocking the front knee) to help load into the back hip, and you've taken that out.

I wish you all the positive thoughts and wishes in your senior year, and regardless of what happens with American pro ball, Euro ball isn't a bad option either. I've had three buddies play abroad, one in Italy, another in Switzerland, and the other played in the Japanese Nippon League, all of them had a blast!

Thanks so much Jake for sharing your questions.

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