How to get your players to swing through the ball...

by matt spezia
(Columbus, mi, usa)

Setting up the Swing Through 3 Baseballs Drill off a hitting tee

Setting up the Swing Through 3 Baseballs Drill off a hitting tee

How can I get my players to consistently swing through the ball and drive it instead of just making contact?

Swing Smarter Response:

Hi Matt, thank you for the question, and an issue others would love to have answered as well, I'm sure...

Here at Swing Smarter dot com, we teach the Down & Through method of hitting, so you're at the right place.

My favorite concept to work through the baseball was borrowed from Rod Delmonico...

You take three baseballs and set them up in a line starting from the front of home plate (pictured above), then place the next one 2-3 inches in front that one, and the last one 2-3 inches from the second one. Check out this Swing Smarter article for a better illustration:

The Down & Through Method of Swinging Smarter NOT Harder

You want your kids to visualize three consecutive baseballs floating after contact and to take the barrel through each one keeping the top hand palm up and the bottom hand palm down. The above article will definitely go into more detail.

Thanks again, and please let us know how it goes!
Swing Smarter dot com

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