How to Cure An Unhealthy Uppercut with the Tee Stackers

by I Japan

Hey Joey,

Saw these Tee Stacker products the other day and wondering your take? My son's always catching the bottom half of the ball during live BP or in the cage. I see a little bit of an upper cut move right before contact. Think this might help?

Swing Smarter Response:
Hi, I actually like this product...I have a similar natural setup with my cheapy Franklin black hitting tee.

The tee topper had been mutilated by a few dysfunctional upper cut swings, so I tried electrical taping the topper back on. Well, that didn't last long and now the tee topper flies to the back of the cage whenever my hitting students use that dysfunctional upper cut.

To combat this, I make them chase the topper until they stop upper cutting.

Similar idea with the Tee Stackers, just a little more eloquent. I've used these before when I was preaching a Down & Through hitting philosophy and couldn't get the darn thing to work. The reason why Tee Stackers don't work with Down & Through is because D&T isn't a great way to hit, it's too precise, and us hitters need a barrel path that increases our margin for error (think Nike Swoosh sign).

However, now with a more "on-plane" (slight upper cut) swing, Tee Stackers should help do the trick.

I've talked to Sandy from Tee Stackers personally over the phone and she is a wealth of knowledge, even coached successfully at the Division 1 collegiate level for quite a number of years at Kentucky I believe (I could be wrong on the University, sorry Sandy ;) She's truly in it to change stick-and-ball sports for kids of all ages for the better...such a sweetheart she is.

I would definitely recommend Tee Stackers to anyone. By the way, they're worth a gamble at $14.99 for a 2-pack.

One note on an unhealthy upper cut...

What may be happening with your son is he's not keeping a good strong core position and collapsing his backside because of a weak internal core and internal/external oblique musculature.

To increase internal core stabilization...

Try having your son do a push-up while squeezing a foam roll, or 2 pound medicine ball, between his thighs (position the ball/roll closer to his knees, than his groin, and keep his feet close to shoulder width apart). A few sets, as many reps as he can muster without losing his tight core belly button-in position.

Sorry I couldn't find a YouTube video of this, but to all you Type A's, this is called a Pushup with Core Engagement. Try doing a full horizontal push-up, but if the lower back starts bending (internal core is weak), then incline the hands a bit (couch, table, wall, etc.)

To strengthen the Obliques try the Torture Twists:

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