How the MP28 Creates POWER with a Core Loaded Swing...

by Orlando
(Glendale, NY)

MP28 by Jaime Cevallos

MP28 by Jaime Cevallos

I think this is a great site, Thanks to this site I was introduced to the wheeler dealer which I purchased for my son and now his coaches are in love with the machine and want me to bring it to practice all of the time. So I was wondering if the MP28 would benefit my 6 year old son. He makes good contact but he is lacking power in his swing.

Swing Smarter Response:

Wow Orlando, thank you for the gracious testimonial. I'm glad you and your coaches LOVE the Wheeler Dealer Spitter, it's strength being soft toss automation.

To answer your question about the MP28...

It'll surely help your 6 yo son, AND it's a very intuitive hitting aid, just put it in his hands and let him swing.

Most likely, it'll be heavy for him at first, especially if he's swinging mostly with his hands and arms.

He'll get the benefit of hitting with a wood bat early, and the balance of the bat will make the heavier weight bearable.

Once he feels big joints and muscles (core and hips) moving smaller joints and muscles (shoulders, arms, and hands), the MP28 will feel more effortless to swing.

Keep the comments coming Orlando!

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