How the HeadStill Hitter Can Instantly Increase Your Batting Average

by Jay

What do you think of this product? Watch the video. Your thoughts on it? Thanks.

Swing Smarter Response:

Great find Jay! I think this is a great hitting aid queue for keeping the head from pulling off the ball.

AND, for $12 (free ship) it's definitely worth the price.

It's a pretty simple concept, the clip goes on the player's shirt/uni, and the mouthpiece goes in, well, the mouth. Because of the short cord, the head is limited in its range of motion during the swing.

The single one thing ALL hitting instructors and coaches believe in is Vision is "the" most important element to tan elite swing.

We can't hit what we can't see.

And this isn't just a problem of younger athletes, I've seen High Schoolers yanking there head to see how far they've hit the ball.

It's a male ego "thing," trust me, I've been there. And even though you see Major Leaguers staring at home runs, what you don't see, is how still their head and eyes were during the swing to hit the baseball 450 feet!

I do like the HeadStill Hitter. Anytime you show me a young hitter with "wild" eyes, I'll improve his vision, and you'll see a guaranteed improvement in performance at the plate.

More great content on Vision...

In case you haven't read it yet, Chas Pippitt wrote a stellar article on this very same topic, CLICK HERE to see the Head Right Head Light Drill.

Thanks for the great submission Jay!

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