How the Champro EquiTee Made Me Drop to the Bottom of the Lineup

by jeff
(frankfort, ky)

Champro Equitee Batting Tee ($70)

Champro Equitee Batting Tee ($70)

Champro Equitee Batting Tee ($70)
Ryan Braun Slight

I wanted to know your thoughts on the champro euitee performance swing batting tee. It claims to help young kids 8-10 as well as others to stop the upper cut swing. I'm coaching young kid's from 7-9 and a few are having problems with this and wondered what you guy's think. Thanks for your help. Any other thoughts you have on it would be helpful as well. Thanks, Jeff

Swing Smarter Response:

Great find Jeff, and I just answered a similar question to a hitting aid with a lot in common with this one, hitting philosophy-wise.

I DO NOT like what this tee preaches, and I'll tell you why...

The Champro EquiTee promotes a short to it swing, AKA, Down and Through. I don't support this hitting philosophy anymore because it's teaching what we think we see, versus what we're actually seeing in the elite swing under slow motion hitting analysis video.

Does Ryan Braun Have a Long Swing?

Check out the Ryan Braun swing picture above, and most hitting coaches will say he has a long swing and is upper cutting. Or, "He's just Ryan Braun and can 'get away' with that."


There's a reason Ryan Braun ranked in the top 10 overall offensively in 2011, and he doesn't have a long swing.

What Ryan Braun does is utilize barrel "lag" and getting on plane with the ball early, thereby dumping his barrel deep into the Area of Impact (AOI) behind his back hip.

This causes a long AOI, and BIGGER margin for error. In other words, more probability for clean barrel hits.

This also gets him on a slight uppercut path to the slight downward plane of the ball, which drives up Braun's Slugging Percentage.

How Would RB do with the Champro EquiTee?

Looking at the Braun picture above, then switching over to the Champro EquiTee, do you think Ryan could get away with hitting a clean ball off that thing?

Nope. He'd BLOW it up!

Know why?

Because Ryan Braun doesn't have a short "to it" type of swing, and forcing him to hit on this tee would wreck his effortless power swing.



He swings his 33 ounce bat 85 mph because he accelerates the barrel before impact, which allows him to make last minute adjustments to pitch miscalculation.

The Final Verdict on the Champro EquiTee?

The Champro EquiTee teaches a knob-to-the-ball swing, and along with a dramatic drop in the margin for error and Area of Impact, so goes the batting average, On-Base%, and Slugging%.

I would recommend getting either the Tanner Tee, or if you're looking for my favorite "Sherman Tank" of concept tees, then look no further than the Backspin Batting Tee in The Starting Lineup Store.

I hope this helps Jeff!

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Jun 17, 2013
Down to the ball equals down in the lineup...
by: Joey from

You said it right Chas! Thanks for the comments. Dude, we really have some work to do changing the mindset out there. Keep grinding my friend!

Jun 13, 2013
Enjoy your success now
by: Chas Pippitt, Baseball Rebellion

Joey, what's up man?

I hate to see comments like the one above...short sighted to the MAX!

When the field grows...let me know how that downward swing works out.

I wish you luck, but after that tee has broken your son's swing, check out Joey's Hitting Performance Lab Product or hit me up at Baseball Rebellion.

We can fix that 'short compact downward swing" and quickly

Chas PIppitt

Baseball Rebellion

PS, Joey's got it right on the TRUTH about Roational Power. Interesting stuff about how you really rotate and what the body must do.

Jan 29, 2013
Equitee helped my 12 yr old
by: Anonymous

went from 6-8 hole to 2-3 hole after 6 weeks. Last tourny went 9 for 11, 3 triples 2 doubles was onbase 12 of 13.

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