How Much Batting Practice for a Healthy Swing?

by Tom

How much batting practice do you recommend a day for a 9 year old. About how many swings or minutes. I coach and there are so many different opinions out there. I like your less is more approach.

Swing Smarter Response:

Thank you Tom for the question, a question I'm sure a lot of other parent/coaches have out there...

1 hour is probably more than sufficient for a 9 year old. At that age they're better at holding attention, and more coordinated with their body.

At 9 years old, quality of swings is better than quantity, so the amount of swings needs to be less, until your son gets a solid handle on the concepts we talk about on the site, then up the frequency of practices.

Speaking of frequency,

Probably every other day is good because it gives the body ample time to soak in the quality work put in the day before...remember, most growth happens when we allow our bodies to rest.

Go by way of the tortoise, NOT the hare, less is more;-) Best wishes Tom!

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