How do you keep your top hand from "rolling over" the ball

by Jason Green
(Aberdeen, MD)

Are there any drills that you can do to strengthen your top hand?

Swing Smarter Response:
Hi Jason, great question, and one I just worked on with an Under-16 All Star team from Selma, CA yesterday before they left to play in a summer Regional tournament up north.

The biggest reason for rolling over with the top hand is swinging too hard. So, check out this Swing Smarter article on a Less is More Approach to hitting.

To answer your question on the best drill to train the top hand to initiate the proper hand path, look at number three from our TOP 5 Hitting Drills Every Serious Ballplayer Needs article.

Jason, the top hand is really important because it's job is pushing (like an outward uppercut) through the point of contact much like a Martial Artist would do to break boards, brick, or ice. For more on the concept of Down & THROUGH, check out this Swing Smarter article.

You have a lot of reading to do, BUT I promise it'll be worth your while. Remember to start with slow swinging movements at first to get the right movement down, then get into more normal game patient with it. Thanks for the question Mr. Jason Green=-)

Joey Myers

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