How do I prevent collapsing my back side when hitting

by Mike

Back shoulder drops or back hip drops (Collapses)

Leaving weight back instead of getting to center balance on swing.


Thanks Mike for your question, this is a problem resulting from a "dip and drive" mentality trap I've fallen into myself. Conventional wisdom says we have to do this to get lift on the ball, which couldn't be farther from the truth. It's also a side effect of a purely rotational style of hitting.

There are two concepts to work on to get out of this swing fault...

1) Is to remind yourself to stay tall throughout the swing, just imagine you've severely pulled a lower back muscle and if you overly arch your back, then you'll be in excruciating pain. Read this article on a not-so-well-known hitting technique on rotating your hips underneath you:

Rotating the hips underneath

2) The next concept is to revisit top/bottom hand Down & Through drills through this Swing Smarter article:

Top/Bottom Hand D&T Drill

What's happening with a heavy loaded backside is our hitting form is slightly off center (a kinked hose), and we're coming too far through the ball and need to produce more "down" in the swing.

So, these two articles will get you going more DOWN to balance out the THROUGH, which will produce more backspin, like Lance Berkman of the Astros, and the hips article will balance out your power center.

Hope this helps!
Joey from

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