How can i stop dropping my hands


I'm fifteen, a lefty, and have bad habit of dropping my hands and causing the knob to lead instead of my top hand...would bringing my back elbow up help to make sure I'm down and through?

Swing Smarter Response:
Thanks Phillip for submitting your swing issue, and for the past emails & our responses that followed...

SS: Thanks for the query, I have a few questions for you before dissecting your swing...

When you say dropping your hands, do you have a "hitch" in your swing like a Josh Hamilton type of hitter does? If so, that hitch can be a healthy part of a swing.

The knob of the bat should lead pointing down to the incoming baseball, which will keep the barrel up after the launch position. This keeps you short to the ball and inside it. Your top hand helps to be short to the ball and through it.

At your age I wouldn't bring the back elbow up, it can only cause you to dip the barrel too soon in the contact zone.

Please let me know about the hitch or just dropping your hands...

Phillip: In the video that I took I saw that I don’t have a hitch to my swing I have never liked a hitch. My hands start at a good position with my top hand at ear level, then at the loading stage in the swing my top hand drops to just below my shoulder, which is causing my front elbow to come up and the knob of the bat to be pointed at the pitcher, which in turn causes the barrel to drop.

The reason that I was asking is because I was pitched some balls I should have absolutely crushed, but was underneath them by a good 5 inches. Do I just have to work on bringing my hands up in the load stage?

SS: Here's a good fix for that, try putting a batting glove fingers pointing down under your front armpit, try swinging and keeping that glove from falling...that'll keep your front elbow down.

Another thing, try to think about hitting with your shoulders facing down hill, and really focus on trying to keep that barrel above your hands until contact.

Phillip: Yeah, that definitely seems like a good drill and I was taught that a while ago, but when I was taught it the glove is supposed to fall right in front of you?

SS: Not sure what benefit letting the glove drop would be?? But NOT letting it fall would mean you're keeping your front elbow down :)

Thought process passed our email conversation...this is one of the reasons for is to explain the "why" behind drills, skills, and hitting aids. Phillip, I'm not saying your coach doesn't know what he's talking about, but we as players deserve the "why" behind just-do-it commands, I think you'd agree ;) Thanks again for submitting, I hope this helps the Swing Smarter community...

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hand fix
by: Upgraded Slugger

I promise you that your bat barrel, hands and shoulders are following the tilt of your hips. If your back hip tilts down below your front hip then everything will follow. Good luck check me out at

I need help with not dropping my hands
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem my shoulder and hands drop and i dont know how to fix it

No more Down and Through
by: Joey from SwingSmarter

@anonymous: I don't teach Down and Through anymore. And yes, you want the barrel on plane, never above the hands. This is virtually impossible in high level hitting.

down and through?
by: Anonymous

why do you want the barrel above the hands?
dont you want barrel on plane

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