4 Unbeatable Hitting Tips To Unlock Your Hidden Potential

ATTENTION!!  Some of the hitting tips article links on this page are outdated (I've labeled the ones as such)...I DO NOT subscribe to the true-blue-Down-and-Through swing philosophy anymore.  For more cutting edge hitting technique information, please visit The Truth About Explosive Rotational Power.  Thank you so much for reading :)

The hitting tips contained in this section of Swing Smarter Baseball Hitting Drills.com provides the CORE essentials to proper swing execution.

To go along with our theme of the 80/20 Principal, as it applies to the baseball swing, the next series of articles will open your eyes to things you may not have thought of, but are crucial fundamentals to a sound baseball swing.

These hitting tips are a part of the 20% of key swing HOT points leading to 80% of hitting success.

Please note: The wheel isn't being reinvented here, I'm only taking from knowledge gained as a student/player/coach/instructor and applied it, eliminating all the white noise.


In the following articles, you'll stumble on information guiding you to key principals (The WHY), and the best drills that absolutely work...simplified for your convenience.

For a good starting point check out the 8 solid hitting stance principals to live and breath by. AND click the following to learn How to Hit a Baseball with the Grip of a Gorilla.

Let's begin...

The 4 major mistakes contributing to 80% of the problems in a baseball swing (In order of importance with the top being most critical):

  1. Patience,
  2. Swinging too hard (a less is more approach),
  3. Broken bottom half, and
  4. Proper D&T hand path.
Easy enough right? That's what the hitting tips embedded in this article are all about...making it simple and trimming the fat, so we leave a lean mean piece of meat packed with essential muscle building protein.

Since baseball is such a mental game, 90% is played from the neck up, according to one of the best hitters to ever live, Ted Williams...this content is about fine tuning the physical 10% of your swing, the mental part we'll get into later.

Before gold can be useful and very expensive, it must be tempered through very hot temperatures to be molded. The same is true for our swings, many quality repetitions must be completed before the mental part and intensive competition can be attempted.

Any player will be frustrated in the beginning, putting these concepts into concrete form, but they have to put in the 100's of thousands of swings to put their body on cruise control.

That's one of the major reasons I didn't go further than I did, because I was too much of a student of the game, and didn't put everything together until late in my career as a Fresno State Bulldog, and by then it was too late. The earlier the better.

One point I want to throw out there...progressing through my baseball career, I was mostly told what to do and the WHY was left out. It wasn't until I started teaching the swing that the light bulb went on and I developed the WHY behind doing certain things.

The WHY is very crucial when it comes to faith in the mechanics of your swing, the advice you're being given has to make sense, without all the hype. Take away all the smoke and mirrors and you'll see these 4 vitally needed hitting tips crucial to your baseball swing health especially early on...

1. Patience
Regular hitting sites don't explain this but with a personal training background I can...your body is a Kinetic Chain, in other words, everything is interconnected, your heart and lungs, muscle and bone, brain and spinal cord. When one part suffers, from injury or disease, so does everything else.

How does this apply to your swing? Quite simply, if you're off balance, your swing won't have a chance. You've seen or experienced those swings where the hitter's butt pops back with arms reaching for the ball? When you miscalculate and are out-in-front or behind the ball, then your body and swing break down.

This is an ongoing battle...even the BIG Leaguers wrestle with this, but this baseball hitting tips article will help to train your body to put up a natural defense against most swing ailments.

2. Swinging too hard
Anyone ever see a gorilla walk in the room? You've surely seen the elephant, but probably NOT the gorilla. What I'm talking about is the white-knuckled-grip swing-for-the-fences mentality every kid has. To put it SUPER easy to understand, swinging harder does NOT make the ball go farther.

Swinging too hard tightens muscles in your neck, shoulders, and arms, which is counter-intuitive, in other words, the opposite of what you should be doing...swinging hard just plain slows your bat speed down.

You have to swing smarter and that's what this website is all about...less is ALWAYS more! The next baseball hitting tips article is a chiropractor, revealing painful pressure points and putting the right amount of touch to realign the swing, so you get POWER going in the right direction. CLICK HERE for Hitting Baseball Tips less is more

3. Broken Bottom Half
Patience and swinging too hard definitely come before this one, but when it comes to actual hardcore baseball swing mechanics, this is the most important aspect of hitting. The waist down is responsible for over 80% of power and bat speed.

If your hips and legs aren't doing what they're suppose to, then you might as well be swinging a wet newspaper! There's one classic drill that you've probably seen, and it seems so boring and mundane, but it needs to be mastered until you can move onto the fun stuff! Let me stress the importance one more time...

Master these next two lower half hitting fundamental articles before moving onto number 4 below. We've split them into three parts:

4. Proper Hand Path: D&T or Down & Through
All the above hitting tips articles must be read before this one, with an accento on MUST. This article is more advanced but is crucial to a healthy swing. This is actually my favorite baseball hitting topic, so here's a sneak peek at it's content from this mathematical formula...

Short to it + Long through it = Long ball backspin!

Create your own fireworks with:

We hope you liked the content...this article series of hitting tips included the most important hitting fundamentals taking care of the 20% of hitting faults producing 80% of the mistakes in a baseball swing.

As a hitting coach or instructor you want to key in on the one thing that takes care of 5 things. Nothing's more frustrating to a sick person than a doctor who prescribes one thing for your cough, another for your sore throat, another for a stuffy nose, and another for an achy head.

You'd like to get one remedy that cures all, the same goes for hitting tips...simple. You ever hear of KISS? Keep It Simple Sally.;-)

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