Hitting the baseball in the air too much

by Ted Williams

I'm having a problem getting the ball more on a line shot than a pop fly (which are hit hard but right at the fielders). I'm seeing the ball fine but I just can't make solid contact. I'm batting .409, and my average keeps dropping, and even though .409 is good, I just want to start back hitting it hard in the holes or back up the middle to help my team win games.

P.S. Are there any tips that you can give or drills that I can do to help me drive the ball on a line?

Swing Smarter response:

Hi Ted, been there, done that. The reason you're hitting the ball in the air too much is you need a little more "down" in your swing. The Swing Smarter DOWN part of Down & Through, is taking the knob of the bat in more of a downward plane towards the incoming pitch.

This D&T article should help with the concept of Down & Through. To put more "down" in your swing, check out the following Swing Smarter instructional video:

The preceding video will also help cut down on your swing, if you find yourself late on the ball or getting jammed quite often.

Another problem associated with popping up is collapsing the backside, so I want you to remind yourself to "stay tall" throughout the swing.

Very nice batting average btw, remember, you can also help your team tremendously by getting on base more, so your OBP is very important too. Best wishes and please keep us updated on your status!

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