Masterful Hitting Tees, Elusive As A Unicorn?

Hitting tees are my favorite teaching tools. Surprisingly, they aren't used in ONLY t-ball leagues anymore. Professional and college baseball programs have always adopted them as a staple to key swing development.

I used this simple hitting aid more in my years as a Fresno State Bulldog than I had in all my years combined from little league through high school.

This batting tee article will include:

  • What characteristics differentiate the best/worst T's, and
  • What to be aware of before purchasing one.

Let's get started shall we?

If you look in Baseball Express online or at your local BIG box sporting good store, you'll find many different styles of tees made by different manufacturers. The big names you'll most likely see are:

  • Easton,
  • Franklin,
  • Spalding, and
  • Maybe ATEC (we used these in college BTW).

StayBack Hitting Tee

To break it down for you, there's two types of T's...concept and functionality tees. A concept batting tee is more dynamic, doing what functional tees do, in addition to attempting to fix something in a swing, such as the Stay Back Hitting Tee.

A functionality tee is static, or one dimensional by put the ball on, and swing away.

Most tees are durable, light weight, easily assembled, convenient/compact for storage, user friendly, and no partner needed whatsoever. Hitting tees have been around forever and because of product innovation they've gotten to be very efficient in use.

However, there are differences in three key areas:

  1. Durability,
  2. Cost, and
  3. Are they a concept (do they fix something) or basic functional tee?

In the question of durability, most batting tees are made of rubber, PVC, or polyurethane, which under a limited amount of swings can break, crack, or go bust. The manufacturers want this because the consumer has to re-purchase or buy replacement tees or "toppers," which are a common residual income for these companies.

But for now, just note, most batting tees aren't designed to last. The other difference between all tees is cost...they range from $29 to $100+. ATEC tees are notorious for their high cost, but you're getting a good quality tee for your money, lasting longer than most others, that's why you see them more in college baseball programs and the professional leagues.

Last but not least, there are a select few concept tees. Again, they're designed to correct a flaw in swing mechanics. Ideally, you want a tee that does all of the above.

What you need to be aware of before investing in a hitting tee is this:

  • What do you want the tee to do for you?? In other words, what are your goals for swing training?
  • Are you looking for functionality or something to fix your mechanics?
  • If choosing a concept tee, can the issue be easily fixed in the next few weeks without the tool, or can you see yourself getting something out of it over the long haul?

I assume everyone would like to get their money's worth, so I recommend two companies for a good hitting tee:

  1. ATEC Tuffy Multi Tee - awesome concept element tee teaching the hitter to get the ball out front of the plate (BTW, this made our prestigious The Starting Lineup, and
  2. Franklin (overall good quality economical baseball goods manufacturer).

For more information on important hitting tee drills, please feel free to use the site search box, powered by Google, located at the bottom of the navigation bar above.


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