Hitting homeruns With Pina Coladas!

Hitting Homeruns with Pina Coladas

Hitting homeruns is the hardest thing to do in any sport, because it's NOT something a batter should focus on. By pressing too much and over-analyzing, our muscles kick in and act against our body's natural locomotion.

As a hitter, the only thing we can control is too set our baseball swing up for success in practice, put it on autopilot for games, and use deep belly breathes between pitches to stay in the moment, relax, and loosen our corn hole. Otherwise, we're doing too much, and hitting homeruns will be a thing of myth.

Keep it simple.

Bad news...

This article is NOT about how to hit a homerun because if I knew how to do that, God knows I wouldn't be here...I'd be on an island somewhere sucking down Pina Coladas.

What it "is" about is the HOW TO in...

Hitting homeruns in life, specifically building passive income; cash flow if set up right online, you don't have to work for, or at least utilizing minimal effort.

Yes, this article is kind of weird to show up on a baseball hitting site, but before you flip, please hear me out...also, this won't be for everyone, so if you're NOT interested, then I recommend visiting one of the other tabs on the side bar, I won't be offended, I promise;-)

Otherwise, please read on...

How will reading the rest of this benefit you? You'll receive 11 resources that will save your life and finances, literally:

  • 5 (well four, I haven't read one of them yet, but it's on its way) of my favorite most transcendent lifestyle design book titles found reasonably priced on Amazon and essential to hitting homeruns,
  • 3 juicy free blog sources from a couple of the book authors above,
  • 2 freebie ebooks, Make Your Words Sell (MYWS!) AND Make Your Content PRE-Sell! (MYCPS!) you'll most certainly need before putting any money out for the next point, and
  • The best easy-to-use program for starting your own cash machine BLOGosphere where you don't need to know geek-speak to be successful on the web.

All these sources will simplify and make hitting homeruns online as natural as steroids in baseball...oops, I mean, as natural as wood bats in baseball...sorry, Freudian slip;-)

I've built this site through an easy program called SiteBuildIt! or SBI! for short. This is definitely NOT a get rich quick scheme because it took 6 months before I saw any positive results; by positive I mean actually started producing money. We'll briefly go over the details a bit later...

What's more, if you're like me...

You definitely don't want to go out and quit your day job just yet, because it takes time to build web traffic. The 4 basic principals of creating a successful blogging niche based site and hitting homeruns on the web are (according to SBI!):

  1. Content - like in Field Of Dreams, "Build it and they will come."
  2. Traffic - with good juicy content comes lots of eager eyeballs.
  3. PRE-Sell - by giving away hardcore information, you warm up your visitors to investing in you. AND lastly,
  4. Monetize - see how this is last? Hitting homeruns online will NOT happen if you think about monetizing first. BUT, when you have traffic, you can monetize it in multiple streams and diversify risk.



With the current recession, job losses, hiring freezes, and diminishing 401K's we can't be too sure about putting our lives in other people's hands. We have to be proactive and take control, and SBI! is the way to go (Sorry, saw the rhyme and took it!).

San Francisco Trip


I've been at this SBI! thing for about 5 years now, first with a study abroad site, because my wife and I studied in Italy for a semester and fell in love with traveling, but soon found out that that passion didn't burn like it does for the baseball swing, plus I knew way more about baseball anyway...so, I created Swing Smarter in June of 2008, and it was the best thing I ever did.

I often wonder why I didn't do it sooner, but that's just the way it goes I guess. The best thing is I get to share the wealth of knowledge I learned from age 6 years old on about baseball to others stumbling dumb, drunk, and blind through the murky waters of online (and offline) baseball education (sorry, no offense, but I was the same way with "computer stuff" until SBI!.


As of the end of March, I have over 120 average visitors a day (83 of them unique), and over 11,000 pages looked at in the month. I'm getting my first Google Adsense check in April for over $100, and I have $25 built up in commissions so far. Sure, it doesn't sound like a lot, now...but over time as traffic builds, the numbers swell and rise with the tides.


The greatest thing about SBI! is the program automates the hardest and most time consuming website developing tasks, such as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO in geek speak, which is making your site ripe for search engines to find and rank you higher than other websites using the same niche keywords.

It's easy web traffic for FREE!!

I haven't spent one penny for my traffic...besides for the SBI! program of course, which for what you get, is more than reasonable.

Unfortunately, we're NOT going to discuss price here. Does a classy girl go to bed with a man on the first date? Of course not, we have to build the excitement and value first, so the sex is that much better, aged.

Fair enough? Good.

I tried building a website on my own using Microsoft's Frontpage and Valueweb as my server/host, and it took me weeks to figure the web HTML thing out, like adding social bookmarks* to my site (which SBI! adds with one click of a button btw), whereas I can get stuck now, and with SBI! I'm enlightened within minutes, or at worst, sometimes an hour or two.

*The SBI! social bookmark feature is where people can buzz the good news about your site to Digg, Facebook, MySpace, Technorati, etc. seamlessly.

The most valuable SBI! tools for newbies are:

  • FREE second-to-none Sitesell ebooks (SiteSell is the company, SBI! is the web program),
  • Tons of discussion forums featuring other SBI'ers helping with every site creation task you could ever dream of (usually one inquisitive hour on the forums and I know what I'm doing),
  • A 10 day step-by-step action guide to building your niche based web business (written and video), and
  • What else? (rhetorical question) There's so much offered, I'm still blown away by this company...Dr. Ken Evoy is the founder of Sitesell and he's an amazing individual that has created such a helpful application for all aspiring netrepreneurs.

I'm very grateful to God for showing me SBI!. If you aren't sold yet, then here's a Top 10 list of reasons to eventually dump the cubicle and embrace hitting homeruns with web-based business through SBI!:

  1. Working from anywhere - with satellite internet these days, relocating to the French Alps shouldn't be a problem.
  2. Complete control/design of your work space - whether it's the theme of Circus Circus or Feng Shui.
  3. Less distractions - meetings, co-worker jibber jabber, boss steaming over your shoulder, etc.
  4. Flexible time - freedom to organize your own calender for a change.
  5. More focus on results, NOT "presence" - according to Parkinson's Law: work expands to fill the time set aside; if we had 15 hour work days, then we'd work 15 hours.
  6. More time with family - or watching movies, reading a book, or shooting skeet in the great outdoors with a shotgun.
  7. Joey with Friends at Bass Lake

  8. Work in your underwear - although I wouldn't recommend doing this alone.
  9. Yoga/Meditation at your home office - you can work a little Warrior 2 transitioning into Triangle without co-workers giving you the fish-eye.
  10. Less commute, less pollution - burn less petrol, save time, and leave a small carbon footprint. AND my favorite,
  11. Work fewer hours - 20% of employee work time is productive, the other 80% is wasted. Hitting homeruns with SBI! you can fill the void with things you actually ENJOY doing...sitting in a cubicle just to receive a paycheck has NO pizazz, but learning to dance the Argentine Tango in South America, now that's interesting.

On the other hand,

Building a website could be hazardous to your health. Here's the Top 10 list of why NOT to go out on your own:

  1. Can't blame the lame boss for your problems.
  2. YOU are all departments in your company.
  3. NO free office supplies, NO bueno.
  4. NO safety net of regular paycheck (at least in the beginning stages)
  5. No one gives you goals or objectives.
  6. Can't pass off irate customers to customer service.
  7. NO paid sick days.
  8. Self employment tax.
  9. Self funded benefits - no volume discounts or protection against risk, AND
  10. NO zone-out weeks - sorry, time is money when you're on your own.

Most of the above can be solved, while minimizing risk, with the following invaluable resources, so hitting homeruns can come as naturally as peanut butter and jelly:

  • Tim Ferris's book, The Four Hour Work Week: Escaping the 9-5, live anywhere and join the new rich, and blog (http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog)
  • Neil Straus's book, Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life
  • Richard Koch's book, The 80/20 Principal
  • Ramit Sethi's book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich (haven't read this one yet, but it's on its way)
  • The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential...in Business and in Life, by Leo Babauta, and his helpful blogs (http://www.zenhabits.net/ AND http://writetodone.com/)

Hitting homeruns has never been easier, CLICK to download the two following free gift ebooks: MYWS!: Writing for the Web, and MYSPS!: How to Write to PRE-Sell.

If you're seriously considering an SBI! purchase, then I would highly suggest reading through the preceding ebooks before making the investment, so you're two up on the game before playing.

For the main course, check out the ensuing SBI! video...

If you want to take a tour of SBI! and get a glimpse behind-the-scenes, then please Click To Watch

If you're still with me by now, then whew, long road! I appreciate your attention thus far...I just wanted to share information with you that helped me when I started my quest over 4 years ago. I haven't reached my goals yet, but am finally on the right path, so for that, I'm grateful to God for tracing SBI! across my path. If you'd like to make the worthwhile investment, then you can Order Now.

Myself and Swing Smarter Baseball Hitting Drills.com wish you all the good tidings for hitting homeruns in your personal and business life=-) Please contact us to let us know if any of the above resources helped, we'd very much appreciate it. Live well!

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