Hitting Conditioning & The Fiddler Crab Hitter Report

by Robert Canary
(Hartford, KY)

Joey, one thing we haven't talk about much in the past is an exercise program for hitting. I have been looking for a good program and found this one.


What do you think about it?

Swing Smarter Response:
Hey Robert, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'm not sure what kind of training these guys are pushing without purchasing the product, but I can tell you this.

They aren't focusing on the major muscle imbalances the sport of baseball promotes.

I'm actually putting together a program called The Fiddler Crab Hitter Report, which should be ready for release the middle of January 2012 talking about how baseball players aren't any different (unbalanced movement-wise) than grocery store cashiers.

In other words, baseball players train using one-way rotational movements, and unless you hit right handed but throw left, then you're imbalanced. And yes, even a switch hitter is too!

Basically, your body has an internal survival mechanism like the "Governor" in the engine of a truck...you get going too fast and the Governor knocks down your speed down to both keep other people on the rode safe from you, and to protect the internal parts of the engine.

Muscle imbalances work the same way, keeping a hitter from putting 100% Max Force into the baseball. We fix these imbalances, we take out our own personal "Governors."

Good stuff coming soon...keep the submissions coming my friend!

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