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We should know by now, hitting baseballs consistently well is arguably one of the hardest things to do in any sport. And if we can mark consistency off our checklist (not many can), then hitting with power opens a whole 'nother can of worms.

(This hitting baseballs effectively well article is 2,100 words, and has an approximate reading time of 8.5 minutes)

Over the past 6 months I've been chatting on the phone and/or in person with guys like Jaime Cevallos, Jack Clark, Jim Rothford (Giants org in 70's), and countless other Division 1 college, minor, & major league guys I played alongside, am fellow Fresno State alumni with, or competed against at the Div. 1 College level about what it means in hitting baseballs consistently well with power, and one thing becomes very clear...

No matter what level of play, how long, or how much media attention any of the aforementioned guys gets, one single person doesn't have "it" all figured out. Myself included. It's sifting through all the "Hitter Geek Speak," and finding the most effective common ground.

This is where the hitting baseballs effectively well "truth" is, and we collectively make a mighty fine argument for the Holy Grail of baseball swings; the marrying of Power + Consistency. These two unicorns of the ultimate hack are abundantly found in the old timers of our day: the Babe's, the Mick's, the Splendid Splinter's, the Hammer's, and the Samurai's (Sadaharu Oh)...surprisingly, NOT many in the game today have this skill.

Spending $25 million/year on a guy who hits 40-50 HR's a season, but hits only .250 and strikes out over 200 times a season is ludicrous to me (i.e. Ryan Howard). With these stats, the Cardinals should be paying Albert Pujols over $50 million/year. Albert is considered retro when compared to vintage swings, and an anomaly to today's standards.

And yes, this C+P skill can be taught or conditioned.

Here's a true confession about me...

I'm NOT very creative when it comes to inventing something never seen before, BUT I am very good at innovation. I can blend different disciplines or trains of thought into a winning combo.

I'm also first to declare I don't know it all, and will give credit where it's due. I'm more interested in standing on the shoulders of giants because no matter who you are, there's always someone smarter.

Herein lies the essence of hitting baseballs effectively well and the Swing Smarter Challenge Co-Op...

It's a TEAM EFFORT, and I couldn't do it without my mentors and you guys. I'm now opening up the floor to a select few and announcing the biggest baseball research & development call to arms (more on this later) on the net. It's a movement I've dubbed: The Swing Smarter's discovering the legendary combination of Consistency & Power, and what instruction or baseball hitting aids will create the yellow brick road to the promised land through community!

You know what a cool hobby would be? Being a part of a team where one can contribute, in a dignified way, to finding the most efficient hitting baseballs path to the Swing Holy Grail and get feedback from like-minded individuals? A Baseball Band of Brotherhood, if you will.

Some guys find passion golfing in their spare/work time...instead, I love to hit. I do it when I'm stuck writing or need a break from work. And I'm sure there are many of you out there waiting, like me, with the same passion and enthusiasm in architecting the swing.

I'm issuing a Swing Smarter Challenge to the NEW and improved Newsletter, who's content will resemble supermodel Petra Nemcova in a bathing suit on the beach to the true hitting aficionado.

What's more...

Piggy backing on this idea of a collective wisdom, since the summer of 2008, I've wanted to create an experimental testing group for baseball training aids where we could raise objections about specific gadgets and decide whether they're effective in architecting the Holy Grail of swings. Kind of sounds like the Oprah's Book of the Month Club for men huh?!

Unfortunately, there are a ton of self-proclaimed hitting baseballs "insanely well" gadgets out there, and I have only so much time to dissect the hundreds. So, I'm looking to stand on the shoulders of giants here, and recruit like-minded hairy-backed Baseball Hitting Knuckle-Draggers.

Together, we can put our collective wits together and find truth in all the muck! We'll call this group, The Baseball Band of Brotherhood.

Which leads me too a BIG change to the Swing Smarter format,

The rebirth of The Dugout eZine into The Swing Architect Newsletter. The NEW name is a play on words for the ultimate pursuit of the perfect swing through hitting gadgets and technique teaching.

In summary...

To get things straight up to this point:

  • Cause: The Swing Smarter Co-Op Challenge,
  • New Name of Newsletter: The Swing Architect,
  • What you'll be a part of: The Baseball Band of Brotherhood (This is the Secret Society from the post title), and
  • What you'll become by subscribing to The Swing Architect Newsletter: a hairy-backed Baseball Hitting Knuckle-Dragger!

What's more...

To be considered a Swing Smarter Baseball Hitting Knuckle Dragger, you MUST LOVE to:

  • Hit,
  • Teach hitting, and
  • Buy & Try hitting aids as much as I do.

Who may this include?

Those with a high interest in buying, using, and testing baseball hitting aids for the benefit of cutting down the time to swing perfection. These Baseball Hitting Knuckle-Draggers may include, but not limited to: hitting instructors, well intentioned parents, and coaches.

Also, we're looking for contributors to the cause. So, people willing to freely and courageously give their input (via voice, video, or written), whether good or bad about a certain hitting tool or technique.

And don't worry, this "input" I speak of should NOT take a lot of your time.

If you are a Developer of hitting training tools (this could include aids or multimedia), and are interested in submitting a product marketing review to see if your gadget will make "The Home Shopping Network of Baseball Hitting Aids," then please CLICK HERE.

The Goal?

This Cooperative is to find and test under-the-radar hitting aids or ideas greatly decreasing the learning curve to finding the Holy Grail of Swings. The most important things for coaches, since they can't watch every single kid at practice, is to have a teaching tool that:

  • A) Is consistent and durable, and
  • B) Decreases the learning curve to technique.

Which brings me to what you get for being a Member...

WARNING: being a part of the hitting baseballs effectively well Baseball Band of Brothers isn't for everyone.

Unfortunately, you won't be getting a decoder ring for subscribing, OR get paid in this venture, unless you choose to sign up to be a The Starting Lineup Affiliate (more later).

Most all the content on is free (over 200 rich wordy articles), so I expect the same in this Co-Op from you guys, a giving back if you will. Here's a taste of things to come if you choose to join The Swing Architect Newsletter and participate in the Baseball Band of Brothers:

  • Your opinion will be included in most every hitting aid getting submitted to the site,
  • Reveal better more effective hitting tool alternatives,
  • Weigh in on certain faulty hitting baseballs swing issues and what techniques/drills you've used that get results, and
  • Your choice, to join in testing new under-the-radar hitting gadgets before they make the big time, or ironically find themselves buried in the search engines. For example, a focus group will be selected to test, pay for the bare bones "cost" of the item plus shipping, in return for your valued opinion and testimonial. After this, the cost will be an agreed upon full price. So, you'll be a part of the hitting toy's early development before it hits the BIG time, like watching your favorite upcoming Minor Leaguer before he gets called to The Show :)
  • Discounts on Swing Smarter & The Starting Lineup future product launches.

How will you get this information?

Via email. I'm working on getting more behind the scenes stuff done with the system, but you'll start receiving emails from The Swing Architect Newsletter weekly or biweekly once the dust settles.

What BONUSES are there and how will you be receiving the initial promised BONUSES?

As part of a FREE hitting baseballs consistently well gift for signing up, you'll get special privilege access to 4 power packed Jedi Mind Trick VIDEOS/articles on Zen Hitting (with passwords and everything!):

The Swing Architect Newsletter

  1. VIDEO: How Aluminum Bats are DEATH to a HEALTHY Swing & How You Can Remedy Them,
  2. VIDEO: How to Dissect a Swing without Ever Seeing it,
  3. Swing Smarter Hitting Baseball Plan to Simplicity at the Plate (Password Protected Article), in addition to
  4. Improve Hitting With A Solid 2-Strike Approach: A Definitive Guide (Password Protected Article)

You can also check out a slew of Swing Smarter articles entitled "Hitting Mind Control," here. These are chalk full of how to set your mind right hitting baseballs consistently well and not let opposing pitchers get the best of you.

These will come once you confirm your subscription to The Swing Architect Newsletter, which will come via email as well. I'll be changing the Bonuses up in the coming months, so if you sign up before that, then please email me through the Contact Us link, and I'll make sure you get them :)

What does all this Cost?

Zero. Just your email address. If you don't see yourself contributing to the Co-Op via written voice, phone, product testing, and/or purchasing new hitting products, then this probably isn't for you. And that's okay, just enjoy the free hitting baseballs Smarter content on the site. Like I mentioned earlier, this Baseball Band of Brothers Secret Society isn't for everyone.

Is there a Guarantee?

I GUARANTEE if you aren't having fun contributing to the NEW Baseball Band of Brothers Co-Op, then you can unsubscribe at anytime from The Swing Architect Newsletter, and leave us, no questions asked.

I will end on this hitting baseballs consistency well post with a quick story...

I started Swing in 2008 shortly before Fresno State, my alma-matar, won the College Baseball World Series, and it has grown in size and weight beyond my dreams. I didn't know there were so many of you out there looking for true blue information on swing technique, drills, and hitting gadgets. I created The Starting Lineup Store, so people could find the "Major League" of baseball hitting aids in one place, instead of time consuming internet surfing in multiple locations. I then felt a tug on my baseball heart strings to start a Baseball Band of Brotherhood where like-minded individuals can go and test the latest in swing know-how and training tools for the betterment of young hitters in the US.

I thank you for hanging out with me today, and I know you won't be disappointed in helping to find the Holy Grail of hitting baseballs consistently well in The Swing Architect Newsletter :)

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