A Must Have "Less Is More" Hitting Baseball Tips Approach

Hitting Baseball Tips Less is More Approach

This hitting baseball tips article is second to none on developing a less is more mentality. With the following information, you'll create a relaxed tempo swing while channeling power with efficiency to the right area of the ballpark.

Common causes keeping a hitter from a less is more approach is anxiety and muscle tension. With these baseball hitting tips you'll hear me talk about the gorilla swing quite often, and the reason it's such an epidemic is because kids are conditioned at an early age to swing harder and the ball will go farther...

Nothing can be further from the truth. Swinging harder is a reasonable solution to a kid who looks like they have a slow swing, but what happens is muscles tense up and the swing slows down. It's like trying to push a car with the emergency brake on.

Here's the truth: we want to swing the bat as hard as we can with complete and utter balance and control through the entire swing.

We need to swing smarter, and these hitting baseball tips will do just that. There are 3 power points we need to line up at the finish of a good swing:

  • Belly button,
  • Back knee, and
  • Back toe.

The main point here is NOT over-rotating the back foot and upper body (the belly button). Those that over swing already will feel like they're doing a "half" swing with the concept explained below...that's okay, sometimes we have to take one step back, in order to take two forward. I've been there, done that.

Here we go...

On an up-the-middle approach, the finish of a swing should have all three points lining up the middle. For a right hander, a finished swing on an opposite field approach will leave the 3 power points pointing to right field. Furthermore, a righty pull swing should leave the points slightly off center, but not much.

Without this baseball hitting tips information you'll see the gorilla swing, all 3 points pointing to the 3rd base dugout for a righty, and the opposite for a lefty.

I was first introduced to this concept my last year at Fresno State under head coach Mike Batesole...it felt awkward at first because I had been over swinging for quite some time and didn't know it, but once I caught on, the ball started to jump off my barrel...swing smarter NOT harder. Baseball Hitting Drills 3 Points

There really aren't any drills per se, but how I train my kids is to have them hold their swing finish, so they (and coach) can see where their points are aligned. You can initiate this off a tee, soft toss, or during live batting practice.

When I see a hitter gorilla swinging, then what I do is tell them to swing 60%, like swinging in slow motion, and once they do this, those 3 points automatically line up. Then, as they get used to the motion, then they speed up the swing, all the while staying balanced and under control.

Note to Coaches/Instructors: you MUST be strict on swing balance. If the kid cannot hold their swing on the finish, then they're either swinging too hard, over-rotating their back foot, or NOT rotating their back foot at all (this we'll look at in the 3rd hitting baseball tips article).

Hitting baseball tips to boosting true bat speed:

  1. Make sure all 3 points line up,
  2. Have the player work on holding the finish of their swing, and
  3. On the finish, it's crucial they're well balanced and under complete control.

The less is more mentality is starting to show up in discussion forums across the baseball internet globe, so people are beginning to get it!

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