He went yard for the first time in his life! Dead CF (thank you Joey:)

by Daniel Klotz


Thanks for taking the time to review the swing. I think you are spot on about the stride, I have been trying to get him to shorten that forever! I tried to get him to eliminate the stride, mostly by getting wider so he would already be at his stride length, and (hopefully) just pick his foot up and put it back down. It hasnt worked so far.

But.......I did see your email before we went out to hitting practice yesterday. I told him we had expert knowledge and that it wasnt just Dad talking (thank you Joey:). The field where he plays was open yesterday so we met another teammate up there.

Our focus:
*1. no stride, or at least small- and soft stride (the ol' rotten eggs)
*2. lock out the front leg at heel drop
*3. finish swing all the way through

I had him swing at 75% to work on mechanics and to hold his finish for 2 counts. He did that for a while and then....

He went yard for the first time in his life! Dead CF. It was only practice, but I cant tell you how great that was for him. Talk about a confidence booster! Now, he's practicing drills every night, and get this, before he goes to school in the morning!

He told me that swing was at 90% I told him to stick to his mechanics and not try to kill the ball and good things will happen.

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