Have you heard of The Muhl Power Bag??

by Chris Vegas

The Muhl Power Bag

The Muhl Power Bag

Do you have an opinion on the muhl power bag in which the batter tries to hit the bag around to increase power?

Swing Smarter Response:
Thanks Chris Vegas for revealing "The Muhl" Power Bag to the Swing Smarter community. This is a great hitting tool to teach hitting through the baseball, which as everyone probably knows is a staple to the D&T System here at SwingSmarter.com.

They come in three weights: 3.5lbs, 5.5lbs, and 7.5lbs, obviously lighter for junior players and heavier for the stronger more advanced. It's going to cost you though...the two heavier bags will run approx. $200 and the lightest weighs in at (pardon the pun) $170. This is a bit pricey, but there are NO other marketable products like it on the market with the lighter utilized weights.

The closest you can get to the weight on a conventional punching bag would be about a 20lb one, which will cost around $100 total on ebay complete with a stand. We can get the same "through" repetition done on a 20lb bag, BUT without being able to complete the swing passed the bag like we can with "The Muhl" Power Bag.

Two other more cost effective alternatives would be to use a small old tire and tie it to a heavy strong horizontal tree branch. This is what the old timers did back in the day. The other thing we can do is put an old basketball on a hitting tee and hit that, which will out-of-pocket you maybe $25 for the tee, and if you don't have a B-Ball, then another $15 will suffice.

Hope this helps Chris! Thanks for contacting SwingSmarter.com...


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