Hands Inside Trainer? Remake of Fence Drill?

by adam
(louisburg, nc)

Hands Inside Trainer

Hands Inside Trainer

Hey Joey,

What do you think of the hands inside trainer? Same guys that make the insider bat. Seems kinda like the fence drill to me. I made a tee out of 3/4" pvc pipe and have been using it for years. It cost less than like $12 to make and i can put it up higher for similiar softball pitches.

The point i was getting to is that i made something similiar with the pvc tee (with 90 elbow) and have been using it for a couple of week now. Its really helped me stay compact and as its says stay inside the ball. Was just curios of what your thoughts were on this. Thanks

Swing Smarter Response:
Hey Adam, great job, I like your ingenuity. Most of these hitting aids can be "jimmy-rigged" for cheaper, which is what you did. Bravo amigo!

If you've been keeping up with SwingSmarter.com, you'll see over the past 6 months I've moved over to, as Chas Pippitt calls it, "the dark side" of hitting mechanics. I do NOT believe in telling a young ball player to keep the hands inside the ball because it reinforces a short Area of Impact and a (again as Chas calls it) an A to C swing.

You see, if you tell a child to lead with the hands and/or knob, this will carry his front arm away from his body lessoning the impact he can put on the ball...this handsy approach to hitting has been brewing since the light weight aluminum bat came on the scene in the early 70's (Charlie Lau and the linear hitting mob).

A top down approach to hitting is very inconsistent and I should know, I was that cabin boy!! (Sorry, that was a poor attempt at a Garfield Halloween reference :)

I like to say, "throw your 'barrel' at the ball" instead of the hands. Our hands will still stay inside the ball, but we'll be swinging the bat with the big muscles in our legs, hips, and core. For the most part, the shoulders, hands, and arms should be along for the ride.

So I'd say, keep doing what you're doing, but think more along the lines of throwing the barrel and not the hands.

Great job Adam!!

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Oct 26, 2012
poor training device
by: Anonymous

this is the first I saw the hands inside trainer. but I disagree with the concept I think it promotes the hands disconnecting from the body and promotes the hands as the power source . instead of the body as the power source .

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