TOP 3 Forearm Training for Hitters Exercises to Boosting Bat Speed

Forearm Trainining for Hitters

Forearm training for hitters is not only about big forearms, but for increasing grip strength, which is so important to boosting bat speed. In this article, we'll reveal the TOP 3 massive forearm and grip strength builders translating into obnoxious (to pitchers) doubles off the wall and Swing Smarter backspin tatters!

If I could, I would marry the company & website, they are the pioneers of forearm and grip strength, AND a hitter's best friend. I used their Captains of Crush grippers (Trainer and Level 1 resistance) while playing baseball at Fresno State.

Below we'll include John Brookfield's 30+ Grip Tips from and which 3 are the fastest to increasing bat speed for hitters.

What's more,

Forearms and a hitter's grip strength are important to bat speed because at contact your hands have to firm up quite a bit to overcome the force of the incoming baseball. Plus, learning how to get a grip on your grip helps to stay relaxed in the Stance Phase of the swing.

How do you go-about training the forearms and hands?

Low repetitions (6-10), more sets (3-6), heavier weight/resistance, and explosive tempo is what's needed for hitters because we're looking to increase power and speed of muscle contraction in the hands and forearms for the moment of contact.

What kind of equipment will you need?

With Swing Smarter forearm training for hitters, the best of the best equipment won't explode your budget and include spring loaded Captain of Crush grippers, a sledgehammer, and small cinder blocks.


Also, remember to start slow because you can over train the grip muscles in your hands, take it from me, because I did and it felt like early adult-onset arthritis! No bueno, I did way too much, way too fast...believe it or not, if you're taking quite a few swings right now, then you're getting grip training with every swing you take, so be careful not to over train those meat hooks.

On that note, forearm training for hitters should be done with a day or so rest between sessions...although the forearms can take more stress than the big muscles in the legs and chest, they still need rest for proper muscle growth. Not to mention more protein also.

Without further adieu,

Here's the link to John Brookfield's index of forearm & grip strength exercises, and following are the TOP 3 for hitters (in NO particular order)...

  1. Gripper on a string
  2. Hammer rotation (for obvious reasons ;)
  3. One Grip at a Time

This forearm training for hitters article will have you Swinging Smarter like Superman and giving handshakes of death like Chuck Norris!

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