Revealing Forearm Exercises & Secrets of Popeye's Unnatural Grip Strength

What if you could cut workout time in half by getting forearm exercises in during your regular Swing Smarter EDT Routines making your workouts 10-times more powerful?

Would you be interested?

It's been long known that increasing grip strength boosts overall level of ability, and for hitters, translates into a tremendous increase in bat speed. And it isn't enough to do a couple isolated forearm exercises following a hard workout, but actually using a long forgotten weight room upgrade you can mix in with your regular workout recipe.

(I'll include two tough open hand forearm exercises from following this article, which are fantastic and functional for the baseball swing)

What's the answer to improving both grip strength and overall ability at the same time?

Thick calibrated Olympic bars and dumbbells. For more detailed information on the science behind it, you can visit Charles Poliquin's article titled, "Thick Bar Training For Greater Explosiveness." Charles Poliquin is one of the best elite performance trainers for high level athletes in the world.

Poliquin believes a player's level of ability corresponds with grip strength, in other words, the stronger the grip, the better the athlete, as seen through athletes who perform primarily with open hands (i.e. gymnast and MMA grapplers).

You gain substantial strength turning ordinary EDT workouts into bat speed boosting forearm exercises just by substituting thick bar handles for thin ones.

Although, not just any "steel pipe" will do...As Poliquin states,

Spend the extra money, do NOT spare quality for price, and jump for calibrated thick bars. Calibrated means the handle rotates, which takes a lot of stress and pressure off the wrist and elbows; for hitters, this is extremely important.

Where can you get these apparatuses? They aren't cheap, but are a powerful investment, manufactured by Black Iron Strength dot com...they have a patent on the calibrated thick bar technology, so you won't find them anywhere else. You get only the best quality, and they make them to order, so they're customizable to fit any special need:

Furthermore, we'll close with...

Two extraordinary forearm exercises to develop a Hitter's Gorilla grip from The materials needed to perform the following exercises? Bricks, weighted plates, beach towel, long piece of burlap, maybe an old sheet, plenty of milk, and spinach... ;)

  1. Brick Lift Grip Challenge
  2. Finger Rolling

One last note on using thick bar training...

Unfortunately, an athlete cannot lift as much weight using thick bar technology, however it allows him/her to lift more than they ordinarily could with standardized 28mm thick Olympic bars, so MORE load = MORE muscle = MORE power = MORE bat speed! Incorporating thick bar training with conventional handles proves to be a powerful combination, as prescribed in the above referenced Charles Poliquin article.

Swing Smarter!

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