For "Go-Getters" -- Give the Hands Something To Do

I think the natural athlete who is aggressive in going to the ball -- rather than letting the ball get deep, can benefit from giving the hands something to do. Rather than try to get the player to do some thing that feels unnatural -- keep his hands quiet, and close to the shoulder as he starts the swing, have the player try the "row & go" swing.

One of my students -- who is prone to hit too far out front, and lunge, has made headway in fixing this problem. Torqueing the bat backwards seems to satisfy the need to activate the hands. In addition, this torque movement establishes momentum of bat barrel rearward -- keeping the hands close to shoulder during launch. The hands near shoulder occurs because of a task given to the hands and arms -- not because hands are told to wait near shoulder.

The result is a more powerful swing that is powered by the bigger muscles in the torso rather than the smaller muscles of the hands and arms.

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