Fat Grip Exercise Benefits

by Keith
(Belleville, IL USA)

Thought I share what I did in high school and at the community college when I played baseball and ice hockey.

I am also an avid bodybuilder and do lot of heavy lifting, but the favorite thing I use to do is grab 2" and 3" fat barbells and dumbbells and perform heavy dead-lifts and benches with those kind of bars; you definitely would get a great weight training and grip workout.

Also, when I did not have those available, I use to wrap heavy towels around the bars to make them thicker, usually one or two towels worked. Great grip and body building exercise

Thought I share how I train and maybe someone out there could benefit from the idea.

Swing Smarter Response:
Great post Keith, thick bar training is one of the best ways a baseball player can train. Thick barbells and dumbbells can be pretty expensive, so try FatGripz.com, they have a durable slip that fits over a normal sized barbell or dumbbell handle and only costs $40 plus shipping.

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