Explosion on Impact

by Robert Canary
(Hartford, KY)


I was reading your article, "Not All Baseball Hitting Tools Are Created Equal & Boosting Bat Speed". However, I can tell this article maybe somewhat pre-dated, since you are no longer citing the "Down and Through" method, as you did in this article. With your recent change in method, do you still feel hitting a basketball off a Tee is the best method for developing explosion at impact?

Swing Smarter Response:
lol, I knew this was coming from you at some point...I'm going to have to put a Disclaimer on all those Down & Through residue articles until I can get around to changing them ;)

Don't worry, I'll get there, I've just been putting more time into getting Chas off the ground and now with The Fiddler Crab Hitter Report.

Anyway, yes, I wrote that article just before the change over from D&T, so the information there will be a bit out-dated.

To answer your question about what I now think of the basketball on the tee drill...

I still like it because it can train a young hitter to push through the baseball. With the "heavy bat" type of swing I'm pushing now (a la Chas Pippitt and Jaime Cevallos), you still have to get through the ball, the only difference is we're creating more barrel drag before hand.

If the basketball seems a little big and bulky, then there are weighted baseballs you can hit I did a review of on the site called PWR Baseballs, and Chas uses them with his pupils. The best thing is you can take BP with them.

Also, Chas Pippitt's Drive Developer punch drills are great for developing a balanced Impact Position while also pushing through the baseball using the top hand.

You see Robert, I believe the torso swings the bat, and the hands do about 15% of the power generation...mostly in the pre-Slot position of the swing - Pre-Launch Torque some swing geeks like to call it and the wrist snapping the barrel into the Impact Zone during and after Slot.

But all of this happens AFTER the torso has gotten everything moving first. The hands are just the end of a whip.

I would love to hear your thoughts amigo :)

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