Does the Power Punch Training Aid Help with Rotational Hitting?

by Jay

Power Punch Hitting Aid

Power Punch Hitting Aid

Power punch trianng aid whats your opinion? Is any good for batting and fielding?

Swing Smarter Response:
Thanks Jay from Florida for this submission. The idea behind this baseball hitting aid is to keep the front arm slightly bent throughout the swing...the concept comes from rotational hitting in that an ice skater spins faster when their arms are bent and brought into their axis center of rotation (ie the spine) than if they spin while extending their arms straight out.

I think the Power Punch puts too much of an emphasis on the front arm, where this could create a HUGE inefficiency in the main upper body power engine, the back arm (or top hand). Sure, the front elbow must stay slightly bent throughout the swing, however the Power Punch won't guarantee that same front elbow will hug the leading rib cage (crucial for building mass generated from the hips), and increase the top hand's dominance in the second gear of the swing (after hip rotational energy gets released into the whip of the upper body).

In other words, the Power Punch is just a band-aid for other bigger swing inefficiencies. This is priced between $40-50 shipped wherever you find it on the net.

A SUPER alternative which takes care of everything I've talked about creating an UBER-efficient swing is Chas Pippit's The Drive Developer. You can now find it at The Starting Lineup! To learn more about your GUARANTEED results CLICK HERE.

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